Banana Slug Noms

June 28th, 2012 by Rosa

Ugly Overload is the awesome and fascinating antithesis of Cute Overload. Instead of squee-ing over the latest baby animals, you get to marvel at the ugliness that evolution has wrought in many other far less glamorous creatures.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

A while ago, they posted some photos of a banana slug lollipop – banana flavored, of course. I’d filed it away in case it came in handy for a new post. And now I finally have a fun way to present it.

Science blog The Last Word on Nothing recently posted a fascinating description of banana slugs’ hermaphroditic mating behavior: sometimes they chew off each other’s penises when they’re done mating.

So if you’ve ever wanted to eat a banana-flavored lollipop version of a phallic-shaped creature that devours its mates’ phalluses, yeah that exists. Yum.

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