Sun Cups – Dark Chocolate Mint Cup

This Sun Cup Dark Chocolate Mint Cup was another?Sun Cups?products that I got as a free sample at Sweets and Snacks. Like the sunflower butter cups, they were made from organic ingredients and Rainforest Alliance cocao.

The Mint Cups were dark chocolate filled with a golden brown mint fondant. The golden brown coloring was surprising, but I suppose that’s more natural than the white stuff you get in York Peppermint Patties.

The dark chocolate was lighter than I expected and had a soft, fatty break instead of a sharp snap. I didn’t notice much cocoa flavor from here, as the mint was the dominant flavor.

The mint fondant had a lightly pasty, grainy texture that was nearly solid rather than smooth and flowy. Its peppermint oil flavor was noticeable but not too strong, though it did linger in the finish.

As a more chocolatey and wholesome alternative to York Peppermint Patties, I’d give this an OM. One more Sun Cups product to come on Friday!