Sour Power Sortz

January 19th, 2011 by Rosa

These Sour Power Sortz were included in my NCA shipment full of free candy samples. Yes, that shipment was over a year agoCandy keeps pretty well, especially in chilly Rochester, and I have a Sisyphean supply of it.

It was billed as “candy straws in 4 different flavors. Strawberry, Apple/Peach, Raspberry/Grape, & Tutti Frutti.”

The straws were stiff, plasticky tubes with long grooves down the sides. All were sprinkled with sugar granules that were brightly sweet and lightly sour.

Red was maybe strawberry? It sorted of tasted like red fruit.

Purple was the Raspberry/Grape. It had a strong seediness with the plastic tinge of red Twizzlers.

Yellow was sweet with just a hint of pear, followed by a plasticky bite. Orange just tastes sweet and plasticky. I have no clue which of these two is supposed to be Tutti Frutti and which is Apple/Peach.

All were too wheaty and plastic-tasting to be palatable. A definite . I’d rather have Sour Punch Straws, which at least have some discernible flavors.

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2 responses about “Sour Power Sortz”

  1. Mark D. (sugarpressure) said:

    I thought these were really good. I agree though, the sour power ones were very very tasty.

  2. JF said:

    Why would you blog about a product that you got over a year ago? The conditions of storing the product were probably not optimum so how can you fairly give an opinion? Any sour candy that sits for a long time gets stiff. What does something that is “wheaty” actually taste like???