Free candy and more self-promotion

October 20th, 2009 by Rosa

Two news posts for today (the recent rush of Halloween activity has outpaced my twice weekly news schedule; I’m currently backed up through November on candy news!):

1. Win 10 lbs of candy from the National Confectioners’ Association! I was lucky to be sent one of those goodie bags courtesy of the NCA. It’s perfect for a candy blogger: lots of variety and in mostly small, manageable quantities. I kept the new stuff to photograph and review and shared the less new stuff, making me verrry popular at work.

2. I’m quoted in an article about marshmallows (thanks to Carl from the NCA/Candy Dish Blog for the facebook heads up)! My (grammatically incorrect; grr) quote is about about GudFud Stuffed Marshmallows. Sadly, the author chose not to include my anecdote about how much monkeys like them – they get super surprised when they hit the stuffed center.

Before you think I’m a horrible person who randomly feeds zoo animals, remember that I’m a cognitive scientist, and one of my areas of research is primate behavior and cognition. And I was sure to get approval from our vets first!

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1 response about “Free candy and more self-promotion”

  1. matt said:

    Rosa the link’s broken! I want to see your name in print. (I’d also like to see another chocolate tasting party!)