Kinder Eggs - Why Are They Illegal in the USA?

Kinder Joy Eggs: Why Are They Illegal in the USA?

I, at one point, housed and consumed illegal contraband in my home… Dun dun duuuh!

Actually, it’s not as dramatic as it sounds. My contraband was Kinder Joy?eggs, so illegal that you can’t get them on

Kinder Joy Eggs - Illegal in the US?
Note: Above is a photo of a Kinder Joy, which is similar to a Kinder Egg in spirit.

The reason Kinder Eggs are Illegal in the USA:

Kinder Joy Eggs are a chocolate shell around a little yellow plastic container with a toy in the center. In the U.S., you’re not allowed to mix food and inedible things, so they’re banned for safety reasons.

According to this story, brought to my attention by my friend Neil, you could get slapped with a $300 fine for bringing Kinder Eggs into the country.

As you can see in the Wikipedia article about Kinder Eggs, there’s a pretty clear divide between what is edible and what is not. Aren’t you glad that our border patrol and regulatory agencies are busy fighting the good fight against contraband Kinder Eggs, instead of wasting it on other endeavors?

At least even Customs and Border Protection acknowledged that the whole situation is pretty ridiculous.