Albanese 12-flavor Gummi Bears

October 2nd, 2009 by Rosa

Back when I reviewed Albanese‘s Krunchy Bears, I lamented that I just missed out on reviewing their 12-flavor gummi bears – I learned that they were sold at my alma mater’s campus convenience store just before I graduated and after they’d already closed for the summer.

Well, the local campus convenience store got renovated over the summer, and their candy bulk bins are gone, so I guess I didn’t miss out there after all. Fortunately, several (but not all) of Rochester’s Wegmans carries them, and at the low price of $2.99 a pound. Hooray!

The twelve flavors make for a beautiful bunch of brightly and differently colored, translucent gummies that were super fun to shoot. I had to get extra help to identify them all.

The names are rather corny, but I forgive them. Twelve is a lot to have to come up with! The texture is neither stiff nor soft – they’re chewy with just a bit of sproing.

Here are the separate flavor reviews, in the above sort-of spectrumed order:

Groovy Grapefruit (light pink) – hands down my absolute favorite! Lovely citrus and zest notes. The grapefruit flavor is perfect. You can almost taste the membranes (I meant that in a good way), and the flavors last throughout the chew. Mmm. I could eat these all day.

Freshhh Strawberry (dark pink) – super sweet and mellow with just a bit of strawberry bite.

Wild Cherry (red) – Whoa! Bright cherry flavor that really smacks you in the taste buds. It’s got a great and assertive candied cherry flavor that steers well clear of being medicinal.

Ornery Orange (orange) – genuinely fruity, citrusy, sweetly orange.

Lickin’ Lemon (bright yellow) – not so genuinely lemon-flavored, with an almost pseudo-floor cleaner flavor. It was still good, though, and had an extra zesty finish.

Bodacious Banana (light yellow)- it definitely has a whiff of banana smell/taste to it, but I didn’t find it as offensive as I find most banana-flavored candy. Still, not my favorite.

Poppin’ Pineapple (white) – awesomely accurate with strong core-y notes.

Luscious Lime (light green) – this was weirdly grassy, and I didn’t get lime. It tasted just generically citrus-y and sweet, with no zesty notes whatsoever. A tad disappointing.

Granny Smith Apple (dark green) – notes of sour apple plus fuji, with just a tinge of citrus. Strongly reminiscent of green apple Jolly Ranchers.

Rrripe Watermelon (light aqua) – also reminiscent of Jolly Ranchers, but watermelon this time, with the addition of floral scents.

Rockin’ Raspberry (dark blue) – seedy to start, then quickly dissipates to sugary sweet blandness.

Concord Grape (purple) – just barely tinged with grape popsicle flavors. Nothing standout, but decent.

I like popping these into my mouth without looking at the colors and trying to guess which flavor I’ve got. I’d like to think I could do better than chance, but it’s actual pretty hard. If you can get these at $2.99 a pound and can pick out your flavors, they’re an OMG-worthy treat. I buy a bunch every time I make it a Wegmans that sells them.

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4 responses about “Albanese 12-flavor Gummi Bears”

  1. Toneh said:

    I’m lucky enough to live by the actual Albanese factory where these little buggers are produced. I have sitting on my lap at the moment a one-pound bag of them, fresh from their birth on a conveyor belt.

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who loves them…and they’re the only gummies that can replace ‘Mazin Fruit in my mind.

  2. Breezi said:

    OMG, ‘Mazin Fruit was the BEST!! I only expirienced about 5 or 6 years of them, but MY GOD…..that’s why I LOVE gummis in the first place! lol.

  3. Jay from The Sweet Spot said:

    These are one of our most popular items and they are truly fantastic. I also like to guess which flavor I’ve blindly selected. Albanese makes great unique products.

  4. Emily said:

    These have to be my favorite gummies ever! The first time I got them was at a great little chocolate store called Wilbur. The bright blue bears are what caught me, but the aqua ones are my favorites now. Part of the reason they are is because I could never guess what flavor they were. My sister and I joked they were “shampoo” flavor because of the “floral scents.” This site was a huge help in finding out all the flavors, and I’m eating some of these guys as I type. Yum….