Albanese Gummi Fruit Slices

Albanese Gummi Fruit Slices [Review]

Emma recently visited the Albanese gummi factory and brought back oodles of gummi treats, including this peg bag of Albanese Gummi Fruit Slices. I hope that Albanese is moving towards selling their gummies in peg bags with a wider distribution – I haven’t seen them in NC yet!

Albanese Gummi Fruit Slices

The wedge-shaped gummies were lightly striated with Albanese’s characteristic firmly sproingy chew and intense flavors. They were mostly citrus flavors, with a couple of exceptions, that were a subset of Albanese’s 12 flavors.

Pink, my usual favorite grapefruit flavor, was sweet and lightly tart with some grapefruit pithiness. Green was lime, which was lightly zesty and sweetly candied.

Albanese Gummi Fruit Slices flavors

Yellow was lemon, with a sweet citrus zesty lemon undertone to the finish. Orange was orange, with a great citrus juiciness.

Now the non-citrus, naturally wedge-shaped fruits: Red was cherry, I think, and tasted like red fruit candy (which all tastes the same to me). White was pineapple and brought an intensely bright and sweet corey flavor.

I wish these were widely available in stores in my area – or maybe not because I’d buy them all the time for their flavor intensity. An OM.

Try them for yourself and see what you think!


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Albanese Gummi Fruit Slices
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