Qra Qra – Strawberry

Just when I thought I’d exhausted the Qra Qra line (I previously reviewed lemon and milk), I found this bag of Strawberry Qra Qra in a newly discovered Rochester Asian grocery store. As a bonus, it was $0.89, a whole ten cents cheaper than at my previous Qra Qra source.

For some reason, the Qra Qra kangaroo gets to wear a crown on this bag. Qra qra kangaroo – try saying that quickly three times in a row!

The strawberry flavor on these chews is super genuine. Bright, sweet, tangy, and surprisingly tart – almost but not quite too tart.

I can really taste the concentrated strawberry juice from the ingredients list. You know how biting into a dried cherry yields a burst of chewy flavor? This is like biting into the dried cherry equivalent of a strawberry (forgive my ignorance if you can dry strawberries; I’ve only ever seen them freeze-dried). It yields a great punch of flavor.

The sugar shell on the outside has a bit of a grain to it that crumbles in the mouth. Most of the flavor is concentrated in the chewy center. Like the previous Qra Qra, the chew is long lasting.

Conceptually, it’s similar to a strawberry Starburst, but it’s executed to the nth degree. More chew, more flavor, more deliciousness. The lemon is still my favorite Qra Qra because I love citrus fruit candies, but I’d buy a bag of strawberry to go with my lemon anytime. An OM.