M&Ms Contest Winners and a new Tootsie Roll Giveaway

March 31st, 2009 by Rosa

Via a random number generator, commenters 36, 28, and 19 have been selected as the winners of my M&Ms giveaway! Congrats to Nancy, Chelsea, and Jennifer B., who will be receiving Easter themed M&Ms courtesy of Mars.

And if you didn’t win this time, I will host more giveaways…

Like right now! Leave a comment about your favorite Tootsie Roll treat (here’s a list of their products), and one randomly selected U.S. winner will receive an Easter or Child’s Play pack courtesy of Tootsie Roll, who are trying to make amends for their Junior Fruit Cremes. Contest closes at midnight on Friday, April 3rd. Good luck!

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25 responses about “M&Ms Contest Winners and a new Tootsie Roll Giveaway”

  1. Michael C said:

    I love the sugar babies. Pure sugar goodness.

  2. Justin said:

    The flavored Midgies are the best!

  3. amy said:

    my favorites are the frooties. cola or watermelon…

  4. stephen said:

    Nothing wrong with a good ol’ Tootsie Roll. Although the Tootsie Pops are really good.

  5. Jen said:

    My favorite product is definitely the little fruit midgees. Yum! Wish they were easier to find. I do love the classic chocolate tootsie roll as well.

  6. Karin A said:

    Andes thins— also love tootsie pops!

  7. Kam A said:

    I love the plain Tootsie Rolls!

  8. Terry Y said:

    I’ve always loved the Nik-L-Nip wax bottles.

  9. Pamela S. said:

    My favorite would be Andes mints.

  10. Chelsea said:

    My favorite are DOTS!!

  11. Daniela said:

    An orange Tootsie Pop. YUM!

  12. Naomi said:

    Andes mints are probably my favorite. (I love junior mints and tootsie pops too, though!!)

  13. Johannah B said:

    Hummm so many to chose from….I think I will chose Junior Mints.

  14. Sharon Rooney said:

    My favorite would have to be Cella’s Cherries.
    OMG! They are wonderful!

  15. anntje said:

    junior mints.. what can i say, they are refreshing.

  16. Chad said:

    The vanilla tootsies…I always dig them out first

  17. Karen R said:

    I love the Andes mints! I didn’t know they were a Tootsie product.

  18. Linda F said:

    I like the Andes Mints

  19. Kat Bryan said:

    Andes Mints are my favorite.

  20. Gwen L said:

    I still love the classic Tootsie Roll, but Caramel Apple Pops? Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!

  21. Betty said:

    Jr mints, hands down favorite though there are several others that make me happy.

  22. Lisa said:

    I love Tootsie Roll pops because they’re only 1 point on Weight Watchers!

  23. Liz said:

    Brown (chocolate) tootsie roll pops!

  24. Elizabeth said:

    Junior Mints
    without a doubt

  25. Amy B. said:

    I love andes chocolates.