Easter M&Ms giveaway

Isn’t it frightening how soon holiday themed candy goes out on the shelves? The Easter stuff started trickling out before Valentine’s Day before they fully burst onto the shelves on February 15, two full months before Easter. M&Ms has special pastel colored M&Ms, some of which are egg shaped, which I appreciate. Unlike some candy bars that just change the packaging on their minis, M&Ms went above and beyond to make their holiday goods special.


Now’s your chance to get some of those holiday goods for free! Three randomly selected readers can each win a giant bag of pastel M&Ms, courtesy of Mars and via me. To enter, just leave a comment about your favorite Easter candy with a valid email address (only I can see them, and I’ll only use them to notify the winners) on this post by midnight EST on Tuesday. Sorry – U.S. readers only, please.

Good luck!

  • Michael Cook

    I love Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs. They are amazing.

  • Justin

    It’s definitely the Reese’s King Size eggs without question. The Lifesaver and Sweetart jelly beans are pretty good too.

  • I wasn’t a Cadbury’s fan until I moved to England then wowzers, I was taken over by both that and the size of their easter egg treats. Back here in NYC, Reese’s PB eggs take the cake.

  • ikkinlala

    May Canadians enter?

    I don’t suppose homemade Easter candy counts, or I’d pick the fudge my grandma usually makes, but I think my favourite commercial Easter candy is Cadbury’s Mini Eggs.

  • Mary

    Oh, this is so hard – I have so many favorites! But if I can only pick one it would be Cadbury’s Royal Dark Mini Easter Eggs. Dark chocolate heaven in an Easter egg!

  • Jen

    Do I have to pick one? Maybe a tie between Cadbury Mini eggs and the Reese’s Eggs…I do have a special fondness for the Russell Stover whipped eggs and coconut nests, as they were always in my Easter basket as a kid.

  • anntje

    i used to really love those chocolate covered marshmallow eggs. not a fan of those anymore. i’m not sure what my favorite easter candy is now, but i’m partial to anything solid dark chocolate!

  • Leslie

    When I was little, I loved Cadbury creme eggs, but now they’re a little much for me. These days I favor two other kinds of egg-shaped candies: Cadbury mini-eggs and egg-shaped malted milk balls (I think they’re called Robin’s Eggs?). I really think there is no candy shell better than the candy shell on those mini-eggs, mmmmmm.

    I’ll win the giveaway this time for sure! I can feel it!

  • Naomi

    I will always love Cadbury creme eggs, even though I think they’re a bit too sweet now. But I had mini sized ones (they came in a plastic egg-carton-like package) once that were perfect. I’m also addicted to Cadbury mini-eggs, though. I find it hard to pick a favorite between the two, but if you twist my arm, I’d go with creme eggs.

  • mindy

    the chocolate bunnies!!! thanks for the giveaway

  • Lisa H

    Fruit flavored tootsie rolls. Around Easter is the only time we can find these candies. (My son’s favorite though is the pastel M&M’s).

  • cheryl kellery

    I love milky way caramels with just the chocolate and caramel. They only put them out around easter

  • Victoria

    I love the pastel peanut M&Ms and starburst jelly beans!

  • Gayle

    I always have to have black jelly beans

  • Susan

    Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs are the best Easter candy in the world!

  • Kelly Ann T.

    I like almond M&M’s and Reese’s Peanute Butter eggs.

  • Deborah R

    My favorite Easter candy is Sugar Parorama Eggs.

  • Alexandrea M

    I like those hard sugar coated pastel eggs with the white sugary filling but I can’t ever remember their names!

  • Jennifer B

    My favorite Easter candy has got to be Heavenly Hash….also I had a thing for the Mounds Egg and have been disappointed this year because I can’t find them anywhere!!


  • catherine

    I like peeps! 🙂

  • Holy flying cow pies Batman it’s the EASTER BUNNY!

    I LOOOOOOOVE Jelly Bellies, man! My first jelly belly was on my 10th Easter…*sigh* Good times.

  • Carol

    I adore the yellow chick Peeps.

  • Kim V

    I love the Marshmallow peeps.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Paula H

    I love the white and the red Brach Jelly Beans.

  • Sandra K321

    When I was little my grandmother lived in England and she would send over these huge chocolate eggs that were filled with smaller chocolate candies inside (might have been Cadbury). I’ve seen them in the stores here recently, but I bet they don’t taste as good as the ones from my grandmother.

  • Nicole C.

    My favorite Easter candy would have to be Peeps!!

  • Kathy D

    I have to have at least one Cadbury’s every year…..

  • Chelsea

    Cadbery Cream Eggs are amazing!

  • Carolyn G

    Reese’s peanut butter eggs!

  • I love Reese’s peanut butter eggs:)

  • Shellie Seering

    I love Plain M&Ms and Peeps!

  • Christina Brunetti

    I really love Cadbury Eggs.


  • I agree with you that it’s great for M&Ms to make their product “springy” by changing colors and imprints. It really makes their product seasonal and special.

  • Mindie

    I love caburry creme eggs (especially when they have been in the freezer!) and the caramel eggs too.

  • Carol S

    My ultimate favorite Easter candy is speckled robins eggs(the malt ball kind)

  • nancy

    My favorite Easter candy are Russel Stovers dark choolate mini bunnies from walgreens!

    My second pick is Reese’s eggs! YUM!!!

  • amy

    I love the fun colors that M&Ms come in for holidays. plain or peanut…doesn’t matter. they all taste fresh and delicious.

  • stephen

    peanut m&ms all the way!!!!!!!!!!!

  • conny

    I love the robin eggs–those Whopper-like malt balls.

  • kimberly

    I love both Cadbury creme eggs and their mini-eggs.

    The creme eggs, they’re very rich and so take me about 1/2 an hour to eat, nibbling bit by bit. Sometimes I take a small spoon to get the creme out.

    The Cadbury mini eggs? Milk chocolate and a sugar shell coating…. omg, it’s pure love. I need to go buy a few (dozen) bags while I still can!!!

  • Zelda

    I love Cadbury Mini eggs!!! They are so good.

  • Mini Robin’s Eggs are my favorite! Just the right balance of malt ball center, chocolatey dip, and candy shell. Yum!

  • Roxanne

    Mini Robin’s Eggs are awesome, my husband and I fight over them

  • Bonney

    I LOVE Peeps!! The Easter shapes are my favorite!