Milky Way Magic Stars

September 29th, 2008 by Rosa

I do my best to be as objective as possible, and when extraneous factors influence that objectivity, I always try to disclose them. That’s why I always tell you when something I’m reviewing was a free sample, or when I’m tasting something from a candy genre that I personally dislike (like white chocolate or licorice).

In today’s review, there’s no way the sheer cuteness of the Milky Way Magic Stars didn’t make me think more highly of them. The Magic Stars are basically just tiny bits of milk chocolate, shaped like stars. No biggie, expect that they’re imprinted with little emoticon expressions, which turns them into ridiculously adorable tiny bits of milk chocolate, shaped like stars. See for yourself:

The top row is my favorite. Pacifier, surprise, and unibrow; what’s not to love? As far as taste goes, they’re your standard British milk chocolate (a fresh dairy finish), which I far prefer to U.S. milk chocolate (sour Hershey’s tinge). The Magic Stars chocolate isn’t especially creamy or indulgent or really noteworthy in any way, but it’s pretty good for mass produced. And the stars are just so darn cute! An OM from me. I wish I’d bought more to share with friends at home.

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