Yummy Earth Organic Gummy Worms

I’d been meaning to try Yummy Earth‘s line of all natural, organic candy for ages, but I never got around to buying them. Fortunately, they eventually made their way back onto my candy radar and into my stash when Yummy Earth contacted me and offered to send me some free samples of their gummies and lollipops.

Today, we’ll chat about the gummy worms and hit up the gummy bears on Friday.

First up, the gummy worms. They look different from most gummy worms. Instead of a long worm made of multiple colors and sometimes flavors, they’re single unit entities and look more like little snakes (worms don’t have eyeballs!).

Texturewise, the gummies have a soft, sproingy chew that’s slightly softer than that of Haribo gummies. The opened bag smells intensely fruity, almost winey, in a good way.

They come in exotic flavors. Pomegrante Pucker (red) doesn’t taste noticebly of pomegrante, but it’s still yummy – deeply red, sweet, and fruity.

The clear worms are Sour Apple Tart. It’s mellow with a slightly sour green apple flavor. Finally, Tangy Tangerine is orange and tastes authentically of orange citrus. I even get notes of orange pith! It’s tart, tangy, tangerine-y deliciousness.

They’re uber fruity and thus super addictive. I’d take these over artificially-flavored gummies anyday. An OM.