Timeshare Compliance

Will Timeshare Compliance Help You Escape Your Contract?

A timeshare exit company in Laguna Hills, California, Timeshare Compliance BBB, claims to be the best timeshare cancellation company. The company has helped nearly 15,000 clients get out of their timeshare contracts. 

Also, it publicizes extremely durable and legitimate retraction of condo contracts for its clients. Timeshare Compliance makes it clear that it is a particular business, stating that it will only take on customers if the timeshare situation is accessible enough to allow for cancellation. 

Timeshare Compliance BBB guarantees that if they take on a client, they can negotiate directly with the client’s timeshare company to get them out of their contract. Timeshare Compliance appears sincere enough about its procedures and policies. 

What does Timeshare Compliance Claims?  

Timeshare Compliance BBB states very clearly what they are and are not. They claim to be a timeshare cancellation company that can legally and permanently terminate your contract. They can agree with your timeshare company to end all financial and legal ties to the resort where your timeshare is located. However, they cannot purchase your resale timeshare and are not a law firm that can sue your timeshare company to get you out of a contract.   

Timeshare Compliance is highly knowledgeable about the realities of ownership and cancellation of timeshares. On their website, timesharefreedomgroup.com, they acknowledge that numerous timeshare owners are subjected to high-pressure sales tactics that force them to purchase their vacation property.  

What is Timeshare Exit Process by Timeshare Compliance? 

Being the best timeshare cancellation company, Timeshare Compliance follows a 4-step process that the owner must go through. Now, let’s dive through each step: 


Timeshare Compliance conducts a free consultation session for its potential clients. During this process, a consultation advisor (on the company’s behalf) will meet the timeshare owner to review their situation. Then, the consultation advisor will provide a quote explaining the cost of the timeshare exit process. The quotation also includes the cost the owner will pay if he decides to continue with the ownership. This allows the timeshare owner to compare prices and make a final decision. 


Once the client agrees to the terms and conditions, he will be introduced to the Client Manager. This client manager is the primary contact point throughout the timeshare exit process. The manager will pursue the timeshare exit plan created per the specific situation. In addition, he will also help the client to commune the legal team, fighting to cancel your contract. Then, the manager will ask the client to supply all the documents and bills produced when signing the contract. 


By now, Timeshare Compliance BBB has taken over all the responsibilities to take their client out of the timeshare contract, and the client manager puts the custom plan in action. Also, the manager will update the client about the case’s progress every month. As per Timeshare Compliance, this cancellation process takes somewhere between 6 to 24 months to complete. The company claims it to be a standard procedure to exit an agreement.  


In the final step, Timeshare Compliance BBB successfully takes the client out of their contract. Also, it receives all the cancellation documents from the timeshare company from whom the client has purchased the ownership. Then, they will carefully review the cancellation documents to ensure everything is fine and per the client’s liking. Once the documents qualify this check, the client will receive a confirmation letter that their timeshare ownership is finally canceled.  

A Final Note  

The FAQ page and reviews of Timeshare Compliance make its services seem simple, reliable, and comprehensive. Also, the company portrays itself as a hardworking and honest organization that successfully guide its clients toward a life free from timeshare ownership. So, even if you are a victim of high-pressure sales tactics, misinterpretation, or fraud, Timeshare Compliance BBB can help you exit your timeshare ownership.