Why you should try contouring with blush this summer?

We can all agree that blush is an absolute staple for anybody’s make-up bag. With various shades available to suit all complexions and skin colours, the product has the ability to bring warmth to your face as well as create a gorgeous flush which suggests youthfulness and beauty. 

Despite blush being so popular among make-up lovers, not everybody knows that blush has the ability to be used to contour your face. In 2023, the blush contouring trend is on the rise as everybody is discovering the multifunctioning purposes of the product on our faces. 

With contouring techniques constantly evolving to suit different makeup trends, now is the time for contouring with blush. In fact, a blusher can act as an ever-better alternative to bronzer when the right shade is applied to help you create a sculpted and defined contour look. Blush could be your new secret to creating your desired chiselled appearance. 

How can you use blush as a contour product? 

The function of contouring is to sculpt your facial features, such as your cheekbones. Contouring’s goal is to define your facial features, enhancing your beauty through sharpness and definition. Traditionally, contour is achieved through using contour makeup that is around three shades darker than your natural skin tone. Regardless of this, with new trends emerging, it is not necessary for your contour to be as dark as make-up lovers once thought.

With this in mind, blush can now be used to contour your face. By draping blush you can add a rosy colour to your bone structure helping it to look more defined without the need for contouring with darker shades that create shadows, in the traditional contouring method. 

Contouring with blush can help to slim your facial features and make your cheekbones look sharper and as if they are higher on the face, therefore, elongating your face and overall look. 

In fact, the trend of contouring blush actually began in the 1980s when make-up lovers would use over-the-top blush to create bold looks. In 2023, we have toned down the amount of blush we use on the face but are beginning to use the product in more creative ways to create more colourful and youthful-looking looks. 

How to use blush for contour? 

What’s great is that you can use any form of blush to contour. Whether you prefer cream blush, liquid blush or powder blush. You could even play around with multiple types of blush to create your desired contour blush look. 

Whilst traditional contour would go directly under your cheekbones, blush contour should go near the top of your cheekbones, where you’d usually put your highlighter. This assists in drawing attention to your cheekbones, making them appear higher and sharper.  You should also apply the blush to the top of your nose and along the top of your forehead to create a sunkissed effect. 

For those events where you want your contour to really stand out, consider using even brighter and deeper shades to create an even more obvious and high-drama contour look. Whereas, for the more everyday look, you should be using more subtle shades to add a subtle dimension to your face without being too obvious; the lighter the shade the better here for fair skin.