Why Stacked Monitors are the Perfect Mother’s Day Surprise

This Mother’s Day, forget about the bouquet of roses or lilies (although they are always loved). What you should do this year is to upgrade the stakes of gift giving. You see, if your mom works from home, there’s a tech upgrade that will truly revolutionize her workspace — and that’s stacked monitors.

Stacked monitors, also known as a vertical monitor setup, are those computer setup that involve placing two or more monitors on top of each other. But if you’re getting the latest and most innovative design like the Geminos stacked monitors, the monitors are already fused together as one. Plus, they are portable, easily moveable and most of all, have touch screen capability.

Not only will the stacked monitors create an extended vertical workspace, perfect for multitasking, but it will also increase productivity. Ready to learn more? Keep reading!

Why are Stacked Monitors the Perfect Gift for Mom?

Here’s why a stacked monitor setup might be the ideal Mother’s Day surprise for the hardworking mom in your life:

Improved Ergonomics

Many moms spend endless hours hunched over a single monitor, leading to neck and back strain. As a solution, stacked monitors will allow her to raise the primary monitor to eye level, promoting better posture and reducing discomfort.

Increased Productivity

Juggling work emails, documents, spreadsheets, and video calls can be overwhelming on a single screen. With stacked monitors, mom can view multiple windows simultaneously, streamlining her workflow and boosting her efficiency.

Enhanced Multitasking

Imagine the possibility of being able to research on one screen while drafting an email on another. Stacked monitors make it easier to keep track of open programs and quickly switch between tasks.

Perfect for Specific Workflows

Some professions benefit greatly from a vertical layout. For instance, if the Mom you are planning to send a gift this year is a writer or a coder, she’ll be able to see her entire document without scrolling. Also, as a coder, she’ll be able to view more lines of code at once.

Creates a Sleek Workspace

Stacked monitors also add a modern, professional touch to any home office. They scream organization and efficiency, making moms feel empowered and ready to tackle any challenge.

What to Consider Before You Buy

Just because it is the perfect gift does not mean shopping won’t take a few thoughts. There are tons of brands and layout of the setup, so you may need to consider a few things before pulling out the wrapping paper. Here are those considerations:

  1. Mom’s Needs: Is the Mom you’re planning for, a casual emailer or a graphic designer who requires high resolution? Or is she a laid back Mom with the need for numerous recipe videos and e-cookbooks. Whatever she likes, consider the monitor size, resolution, and refresh rate based on her specific workflow.
  2. Desk Space: Stacked monitors may not need you to clear the desk or get more tables. But they do occupy more vertical space. So, ensure that her desk can accommodate them comfortably without crumpling or cluttering. You can also consider a monitor arm for increased flexibility.
  3. Mom’s Comfort: Ask yourself: Can she easily adjust the top monitor’s height and tilt? Or will she be stuck to that same layout forever? The former is the best option because a monitor arm with adjustable features can provide the perfect viewing angle.

Making the Most of Stacked Monitors

Here are some tips you can give to her to help her get the most out of her stacked monitor setup.

  1. She should utilize the vertical space: Tell her to arrange the windows strategically. Some ideas she can try is to place reference materials on the top monitor and keep active working documents on the bottom.
  2. There are stacking options: Tell her to experiment! Depending on her preference, the monitors can be stacked perfectly vertical or slightly angled for better visibility. If it’s the Geminos monitor, she can tilt the monitor into different angles for increased focus.
  3. Tell her to take breaks: Even with an ergonomic setup, eye strain is a possibility. So encourage her to take regular breaks to look away from the screens. Medical studies actually prescribe taking at least 5 to 20 minutes to look away from digital screens.


Stacked monitors may not be the traditional Mother’s Day gift, but they offer a practical and thoughtful way to show you care about her well-being and productivity. Think about it – a gift that can help her work smarter, not harder, while creating a more comfortable work environment. This Mother’s Day, surprise her with a tech upgrade that says, “I appreciate all you do, Mom!”