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The streaming industry experienced a “bubble burst” in 2023. Even though the new digital distribution model isn’t profitable, it’s too late to stop using it.

The once-thriving industries of cable and network television have shrunk to a shadow of their former selves, and there appears to be no way to revive them. 

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The best cable dramas right now are the intense, fascinating shows that we simply cannot miss. Although drama shows on broadcast networks are excellent, those on cable have the distinct advantage of being less censored in terms of what can be said and shown on screen.

Check out the newest WOW Cable TV series below!

The Last of US (HBO)

With the critically acclaimed 2013 PlayStation game of the same name as its source material, The Last of Us manages to set a new standard for video game adaptations on television.

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey star as Joel and Ellie, two of the last humans on Earth in a post-apocalyptic America where the majority of the population has been eliminated by a fungal infection that transforms its victims into terrifying mushroom-covered zombies.

Only time will tell if this show is a one-off or the first in a series of successful video game adaptations.

Love & Death (HBO)

David E. Kelley (Big Little Lies) presents a violent depiction of an intriguing actual event in Love & Death.

The shocking and terrible tragedy that occurred in Texas in the 1980s is the subject of Love & Death, a six-part miniseries starring Elizabeth Olsen (WandaVision) as Candy Montgomery.

Biel played Montgomery in Hulu’s Candy, Love & Death, starring Jesse Plemons and Patrick Fugit (Almost Famous), who plays Candy’s husband, is a gory look at a churchgoing family’s peaceful small-town existence before infidelity and murder shatter them.

American Auto (NBC)

The workplace comedy has a rich tradition on American television, and NBC’s American Auto, now in its second season, has established itself as a worthy addition to that canon.

The program, which takes place in the executive offices of a made-up Michigan automaker, excels whenever it manages to poke fun at the absurdity of corporate life in the United States.

While the show is mostly humorous, season 2 has included some darker plots.

One memorable scene has a group of upper-level employees (all men) forming a committee to draft the business’s abortion policy, including such details as whether or not the company will cover the cost of an abortion, how employees will be reimbursed for travel to another state, and how much time off they will be given.

Abbott Elementary (ABC)

Although American Auto is entertaining, Abbott Elementary has maintained a somewhat higher standard in its second season, during which it fleshed out the inner lives of its large ensemble cast and tried out new character pairings.

The season made the most of its 22-episode order by including both new episodes that pushed the characters outside of their comfort zones and returning ones that paid homage to the show’s history.

The end result is a deeper, more satisfying show that gradually becomes more expansive and familiar with each new episode.

Season three is already in production, in no small part due to the show’s success at the awards ceremonies.

Chernobyl (HBO)

Chernobyl is a dramatic miniseries based on the tragic explosion of a nuclear power facility in 1986 in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and stars Jessie Buckley (Women Talking) and Jared Harris (Foundation).

Craig Mazin’s (The Last of Us) fascinating historical drama Chernobyl centers on the devastation and clean-up effort, shedding insight into a recent calamity.

Chernobyl was lauded for its nuanced portrayal of one of the deadliest man-made disasters in history, earning praise for its attention to both the human element and the realism of the event.

Perry Mason (HBO)

Perry Mason is a biopic starring Matthew Rhys (Cocaine Bear) as the famous defense attorney.

In addition to Mason’s plight as a homeless, depressed guy, the criminal drama series cleverly highlights the disparities that existed in post-Depression Los Angeles.

The spinoff series, co-created by Jones and Fitzgerald, takes place at an intriguing age and follows the famed lawyer as he works as a private investigator.

All in All

The year 2023 kicked out with the launch of HBO’s The Last of Us adaptation, starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as the mismatched duo stumbling through a zombie-infested wasteland.

There are new seasons of series on the way, but this list only touches the surface of what’s getting ready to air all through the year. 

This list may change in the future as many titles have not yet been revealed and debut dates have not even been verified, but for now, here are the five most intriguing and interesting TV shows you can catch on WOW Cable TV!