visit Amsterdam before knowing these things

Don’t visit Amsterdam before knowing these things

Amsterdam: Netherland’s capital. Indeed a gorgeous city! ?How can anyone not like Amsterdam? It is well-known for its artistic heritage, intricate canal system, cute bridges, narrow and beautiful houses, flowers everywhere, ‘coffee’ shops, magnificent museums, Red Light district, and legacies of the city’s 17th Century Golden Age. Also, cycling here in Amsterdam is a vital part of the city’s character. You’ll be able to see several bike paths! Once you visit Amsterdam, you are surely going to fall in love with the city. It is not because of the town’s beauty but because whether you’re traveling alone or with your family or friends, you undeniably enjoy all the time spent here in Amsterdam. As there is something fun to do for everyone traveling, and that is something special about the city. There are countless things to do in Amsterdam that you won’t find through a single article/blog.?

Here are, our top list of things to keep in mind before visiting Amsterdam.?

Do check places to securely drop-off your luggage:

You can reach Amsterdam by any transport including air, road or trains. But if you take the rail-route, you are most likely to arrive at Amsterdam Centraal Station, which is in the middle of everything. And from here, you can walk anywhere if you are not having a lot of luggage. Yet if you do have loads of luggage, stay relaxed as there are several bag storage Amsterdam options near the station. It is an ideal location to drop your bags safely and securely to nearby bag storage locations. By doing so, you will enjoy your trip hassle-free, and freely hire a bike and paddle across the city stress-free.

The most popular and reliable option for securely dropping off your luggage at Vertoe?s luggage storage amsterdam. A bag storage facility provider near Amsterdam Centraal Station. You can freely explore the city while putting your bags in at a safe and secure place.

Vertoe has multiple locations to lock up your bags safely near Amsterdam Centraal. To get the entire list, you can either visit the website or search for the nearest Vertoe location on the Vertoe application.?

Amsterdam Climate and the best time to visit:

Make no mistakes! It rains a lot in Amsterdam, so it’s great to carry an umbrella with you. The year’s driest months are from June to August?but this is when the city is typically crowded with tourists, and everything goes too expensive.

I would suggest the best time to visit the city is in spring, i.e., from May to mid-September (the autumn season) is ideal, when the tourist rush is moderate. The days then have crystal-clear rays, and hotel prices are also lowered.?

Winters here have their charms, too. Amsterdam seems to be magical and astonishing in winters; the city looks like a fairytale!

Book in Advance

Booking in advance can spare you going irksome, especially if you’re traveling here between June to August during the peak season. Hostels inside the city center majorly get booked up in advance during Summer. You will also spend hours in a queue, if you don’t pre-book some attractions, including museums, etc.

Get a GVB Card OR an I Amsterdam Card

The most popular city pass widely available for a day, or more is the I Amsterdam Card! To avoid spending hours and waiting in queue for tickets to visit some of the attractions. It also provides countless savings, including a city map, free access to most of the city’s cultural delights and museums like Van Gogh Museum, the tulip Museum, etc., unlimited use of public transport for the duration you had taken access for the card.

English Speakers Do not Need to Bother About a Language Barrier

Don’t hesitate to ask for directions, guidance, tips, or just a chat in English. Almost all locals, majorly in Amsterdam, speak English. The Dutch are also fluent in speaking the best English (as a second language) in Europe.?

Coffee Shops here are Offbeat:

Coffee shops in Amsterdam are not like the orthodox caf? but are entirely different. And you must be aware of it before you go and visit a coffee shop here in Amsterdam while being tired and likely to sip coffee.

It’s no secret that Amsterdam is one of those few places where weed is legal, and tourists throng to Amsterdam just to sample some of the local, uh, delicacies! And all this happens not on the streets but in coffee shops where you can see various kinds of weed, hash, etc., being sold per-gram. If you come just to drink coffee, search instead for a cafe to get your hot chocolate fix!?

Lock Your Bike, Check Twice:

Hire a bike during the stay here in Amsterdam! It is the best way to explore the city, but while renting a cycle, ensure you take a sturdy lock. It will prevent your bike from being hard to steal for thieves, looking to make some quick cash.?

During the Day The Red Light District is like a Normal Ordinary Street:

It’s a lot less attractive and lively during the day. If you visit this area during the daytime, you may find this area without illumination, no neon lights, and nothing like a buzzing atmosphere that glorifies during the night. As soon as the sun sets, the red lights of the area tints and the streets come to life! The Red Light District is perfect to go and visit at night.

Do not ever Take Pictures of the Ladies:

At the Red Light District, do not ever take pictures of the ladies. Trust me! As if any of the girls here caught you trying to take photos of their profession, they will most likely grab your phone and throw it in the nearby canal to teach you a lesson. It is not only because they find it rude, but that’s offended as it is considered to treat them in the windows like zoo animals! It is concerned as disrespecting their profession.

Do not ever get in the way of bikers:

In Amsterdam, you will notice one thing widespread: designated bike lanes (which are painted red and have a sign of a bike marking them). Amsterdam also has been declared the most bicycle-friendly city in the world! The city is full of those designated bike lanes, and locals here love cycling on them. And they can easily be skipped if you are not paying attention! If you hear the beat of angry bells, immediately move off the lane or, they’d willingly hit you rather than being stopped.?

So please be alert and mindful of bike lanes and stay off them to evade getting injured!

Carry your photo ID:

You don’t just need a photo ID if you’re visiting a coffee shop or a bar, but even the cops can stop you on the road and demand an ID. It occurs mainly when people look intoxicated or have “red eyes.” So, it is better to keep your ID with you all the time.?

Also, Don’t Get Stuck at the Centre. Get out and explore. There are many places to visit in Amsterdam, and the city is more than just coffee shops, red-light districts, and the center. Many tourists get lost in the center and miss the surrounding neighborhoods.

Whether you’re planning to visit Amsterdam for the first time or the third time, some of these great tips to know before visiting will surely help you!