Virtual Backgrounds for Microsoft Teams

The Top 15 Virtual Backgrounds for Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams allows you to customize your background, ensuring you stand out. Of course, the best Teams backgrounds are professional and high-quality. These 15 images meet the brief while allowing you to express your personality.

1. Microsoft Nice, Clean Wall View

Minimalist graphics are great as Teams backgrounds because they lack distractions. A nice, clean wall view allows you to take center stage.

2. Microsoft Central Park View

While office backgrounds are great, they can feel sterile after a while. Choosing an image with greenery, such as a Central Park view, injects life into your presentation and makes the virtual space feel real.

3. Night Cityscape

Virtual backgrounds allow you to choose your lighting; as a result, you can have a nighttime cityscape behind you even if you work regular hours. This option switches things up and offers beautiful images of lights against a dark sky.

4. Textured Study Walls

Many office backgrounds have sleek finishes, but texture is more interesting to the eye. Most real-life walls have texture, so consider a graphic with rough concrete walls.

5. Prepared Meeting Room

A neatly prepared meeting room shows you’re ready to work. A table set with tablets and reading material projects this image.

6. Casual Waiting Area

For more casual video conferences, why not use a more casual background? This image’s powder blue couches make it look inviting and comfortable.

7. Employee Lounge

Another great casual background is the employee lounge. With wooden chairs and a busy bookshelf, this graphic is laidback and perfect for bonding with colleagues.

8. Dark Gray Sitting Room

This image contrasts natural light with the dark gray walls and furniture. It makes an excellent Zoom background with company logo, as the back wall provides the perfect space for your brand name.

9. Breakfast Nook

If you need to attend a conference call at your kitchen table but don’t want to reveal your actual home, the breakfast nook background is the perfect alternative. It’s equal parts comfy and cheerful.

10. Autumnal Couch

With its off-white couch and plump pillows, this background can pass as any of the following:

A handful of pumpkins add pops of orange to the scene, giving it a subtle festive feel.

11. Community Classroom

Open and airy, this background creates anticipation, as though a class will file in at any moment. It’s a fantastic choice for training sessions.

12. Scarlet Cinema

Are you bored of corporate backgrounds? The scarlet cinema graphic lets your team sit in comfy, crimson theater seats.

13. Blue Wall and Cactus

The rough blue paint of this image gives it an artistic air. The potted cactus keeps things interesting without the risk of actual needles.

14. Gray Scale Couch

Keep things professional with this neutral background. Even the cactus has a gray tint to help it blend in.

15. Framed Coffee Beans

This graphic prominently features coffee beans in honor of your favorite beverage. The green vases beneath contribute rich color for an enticing visual.

There are many contenders for the best Teams background, but you don’t have to choose. Consider alternating between several of these top images to mix things up.