scissor lifts

Types of Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts have gotten popular over recent years. They have become a topnotch choice for many professionals because of the safety of movement that they provide. Scissor lifts are high in demand in a number of industries such as construction and retail etc. In order to ensure proper safety, workers should be given a complete workshop on how to use them. Scissor lifts have replaced scaffolding as they are a more effective way of moving employees. They provide greater productivity as compared to scaffolding. They are easily handled and managed. Many machines take hours of your precious time for setting them up and again take time for dismantling after use. This wastes a lot of hours, which could have been productive. With scissor lifts, no time is wasted to set the machine up. 

Lifts differ in height depending upon the type of work you aim at achieving from them. The following are some types of scissor lifts that are used by different companies.

Outdoor scissor lifts

These lifts are specially designed in a way to be suited well for outdoors. They are generally high and are more specifically designed to reach electric wires that are high up from the ground. The biggest advantage of these lifts is that they do not depend entirely on electricity.  They are run by diesel and gas too, which makes them ready to be used anytime. 

Low-level scissor lifts

These scissor lifts are popular to be used indoors and are designed in a way that they are easily managed inside. They can reach a height of 25 feet, which makes them best to be used in garages and warehouses etc. They are run by an electric motor and have special wheels beneath them to reduce friction and decrease extreme stress on the floor. 

Dock lifts

These lifts make use of the scissor design to carry out the movement. They are designed in a way that they are not difficult to handle at all. They can be moved easily from one place to another and specially made for light roads. Dock lifts are relatively smaller than the other types of lifts and come in a huge variety of different designs. 

High-level lifts

High-level lifts are designed for reaching much higher height, almost over 95 feet. Most of them run on electricity while you can also find gas-powered in the market. It totally depends on you which one you want to go for. Electric powered high-level lifts are generally more expensive the gas-powered. 

Finding the perfect lift for yourself can be a daunting process. You have to look into your budget first, and then go for a good quality lift in that amount. You can look for a reliable access scissor lift hire in Melbourne in case you are looking for the perfect lift for your work.