Top 10 Spreadsheet-Selling Template Sites for Statistical and Analytical Purposes

Doing statistical and analytical work can be mentally exhausting without the help of tools. Using the right tools, such as a professionally-made business spreadsheet template for statistical and analytical purposes, can save you time and focus on more important tasks.

This article shares the top 10 spreadsheet-selling template sites for statistical and analytical purposes. This article also discusses some of the top business templates that can aid you in doing statistical or analytical work.

Google Sheets Dashboard

Using Google Sheets has three main benefits. It offers free templates, the software is easy to use, and Google Sheets fosters collaboration between team members. You can use Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides for free. Similarly, the templates are free as well.

Google Sheets has an easy-to-use interface. It is optional to read a manual on how to use it. It is a cloud-based program allowing you to work on your dashboard on any device as long as there is an internet connection.

You know how useful dashboards are if you are a Google Sheets user. Your KPIs and metrics are stored in the Google Sheets dashboard to keep track of all your business transactions, website traffic, and marketing campaigns. Dashboards can store data for analysis and visualization to monitor essential metrics.

10 Websites for Spreadsheet-Selling Templates

1. Simple Sheets

Simple Sheets is considered a game changer in the spreadsheet templates industry. Fortune 500 companies and government institutions trust it. It has a wide collection of spreadsheet templates for data analysis, human resources, accounting and finance, project management, etc.

You can automate 90% of your Excel spreadsheet templates and customize them according to your needs saving you a lot of time and effort. The templates give you access to more than 350 graphs, dashboards, slicers, and charts for statistical and analytics purposes.

2. HubSpot

HubSpot offers 45 hand-curated spreadsheet templates for business. These templates include basic invoice templates, board meeting agendas, cash receipt templates, CRM templates, etc.

3. Google Sheets Templates

Google Sheet templates are ideal for fast-moving companies that value collaborative work (cloud-based architecture) and prefer secure spreadsheet use. It allows you to add collaborators, receive notifications and view updates done in the spreadsheet, and interact with fellow collaborators in real-time.

Google Sheets are compatible with Microsoft Excel. You can be assured that your data is protected with the advanced security infrastructure employed by Google Sheets.

4. Microsoft Excel Templates Gallery

You can get free Excel templates from the Microsoft template gallery with several customizable design templates for your needs. A free Excel template can create custom templates for invoices, planners, budgets, etc. You can easily share and publish it anywhere.

5. Polymer

Polymer is Business Intelligence software that allows access to different data types. You can create data visualization, reports, and dashboards without a complicated setup. This site lets you quickly share data links to the dashboard and present data anywhere.

It is the goal of Polymer to be accessible to all and be able to work with data in the fastest way possible. It allows businesses to work directly with data without advanced tools or training. Polymer can be used for marketing, operations, sales, and E-commerce.

6. SmartSheets

SmartSheets is a dynamic platform allowing team collaboration, work automation, content management, digital asset management, etc. It allows you to work on workflows, reports, or dashboards. You can conveniently track plans, schedules, and resources using SmartSheets. It can be integrated with the software you are using.


Spreadsheet123 is one of the largest spreadsheet templates provider for Microsoft Excel, Open Office, and Google Sheets. Their collection of spreadsheet templates ranges from invoicing, budgeting, payroll, time management, etc. They also offer premium templates for increased business productivity.

8. Vertex42

Vertex42 is a leading provider of professionally designed spreadsheet templates. They offer a wide collection of business templates. They have a financial calculator template, invoice and receipt templates, quality control and statistics templates, inventory templates, and many more.

9. Template.Net

You can access Template.Net’s large collection of templates and tools. The templates are ready-made and pre-filled with content such as formulas and tables. The templates are understandable and easy to use. You can customize the template using website tools or download and make modifications using your preferred platform.


It is the goal of to transform traditional spreadsheets into spreadsheets as powerful as applications. There are several templates to choose from – sales and CRM templates, finance and accounting templates, inventory management templates, product development templates, and many more.

8 Free Google Sheets Templates and Excel Templates

Google Sheets Dashboard Templates for project management, finance, management, personal use, etc. Below are the ten best spreadsheet-selling templates for statistical and analytical analyses.

1. . Event Marketing Timeline Template

Marketers use this template for managing multiple campaigns. You can use this template if you are planning to host an event or expand marketing campaigns. The template has sections for local or national (traditional or digital) marketing, PR, sales campaigns, etc.

2. Website Traffic Dashboard Template

This template uses raw data (organic traffic and marketing) from platforms like Google Analytics for reporting purposes. This is an add-on of Supermetrics which can be used to pull data from.

3. Project Timeline Template

This is a modified Gantt chart used for project management. This template can plan projects for a year and assign tasks to team members. The template helps you visually break down complex tasks into simpler and manageable ones.

4. Annual Business Budget Template

You can use this template for performing in-depth statistical analysis of your company’s finances and budgets. This template includes sections such as Setup, Income, Expenses, and Summary.

You can compare planned and actual expenses using this template. This template can also help you track income and expenses from multiple sources.

5. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Template

The CRM template monitors the sales activity, KPIs, and sales performance of each team member. This template organizes customers’ contact information and manages and automates sales process and other tasks.

6. Gantt Chart Template

A Gantt chart template is a timeline of your project in which you can include details about the project, such as the various tasks, their progress, and the team members assigned. Project managers can use this template to delegate tasks and monitor progress without the need to follow up with each team member.

7. Data Envelopment Analysis Excel Template

This template is used to predict future environmental outcomes and perform environmental data analysis.

8. Sales Report Template

A sales report template is used for monitoring products and customers. This template includes product name, customer name, and total sales sections.


Using professionally made spreadsheet templates has several benefits, one of which is making work easier and faster. With templates, you don’t have to make everything from scratch. A template contains all the formulas and functionalities you will need to perform statistical and analytical computations.

Several websites offer professional templates that you can get for free or for a reasonable subscription fee. You don’t have to search hard for the best sites to get reliable spreadsheet templates, for the websites listed above are the top template providers in the industry.