Think Twice Before Proposing to A Girl: You Will Thank Us!

A recent study revealed that nearly 1 in 4 women had rejected a marriage proposal because she believed the person was not ‘the one’ or the proposal did not feel right. It is heartbreaking, but the reality is that not every proposal ends with a happy story, no matter how impressive or thoughtful.

That said, being nervous about proposing to your special girl is okay. However, you need to consider the possibility that it might not just be nerves. It may be a gut feeling telling you to wait or back out entirely because it is not the right step.

Unfortunately, there are varying statistics on the correctness of gut feelings. This makes it difficult to determine if you should propose to that girl. So, we try to shed some light on the topic.

The information below could prove helpful in deciding whether it is time to propose to your loved one. It will encourage you to think twice about your situation, examine the most common reasons girls reject proposals, and hopefully guide you to the right decision. So keep scrolling to learn this and more. 

The Most Common Reasons Why Girls Reject Proposals

There are multiple reasons why women reject marriage proposals. The most common include:

She Is Still Getting Ready for The Commitment.

The same way you are not ready to commit is how a girl feels when you propose, and she’s not prepared. Being ready for commitment is an important conversation every individual needs to have with themselves.

Perhaps she feels like she’s too young to commit to one person. Or she wants to accomplish individual milestones before settling down. Either way, the girl must be ready for this commitment before saying yes. Additionally, it never hurts to ask. 

You Are Not ‘The One.’

Unfortunately, this may be the most hurtful reason to be rejected. Yes, people still believe in finding ‘the one.’ And it doesn’t have to be like a Mills & Boons romance story. Some people look at their partner and determine they want to spend the rest of their life with them, despite challenges.

Others, unfortunately, may be happy and satisfied in the relationship but do not see their partner as an ideal marriage partner. Even worse, it is sometimes only evident during the proposal. 

Your Motivations are Off, And She Knows

Are you proposing because she’s rich? Or because you cheated and didn’t want her to leave you? Men propose for these and other ‘wrong’ reasons. And, women notice, thus rejecting the proposal.

The goal should always be to make your partner feel loved and desired unconditionally. So when you propose for other reasons, chances are she will notice, and you’ll get rejected. A good proposal comes because of love and appreciation with no strings attached.  

Be honest with your lover if you’re worried about your relationship.

There Is No Trust in The Relationship

Any form of commitment demands trust. Whether you’re friends, lovers, or siblings, trusting your partner is key to the relationship’s success. Therefore, one of the reasons why your proposal could get rejected is the need for more trust.

Trust is fragile; once broken, it becomes challenging to rebuild it. More than that, it demands time; unfortunately, some are unwilling to put in the effort. So if you don’t have trust in your relationship, chances are the proposal will not have a happy ending. 

Subtle Red Flags You Should Acknowledge Before Proposing  

There are warning flags that often manifest in relationships. They may tell you that it is not the right time to propose. Some choose to ignore these red flags. But for success, you must acknowledge them to ensure that you and your partner are on the right page. Some of the warning signs include:


There is a fine line between spontaneity and unpredictability. One is thoughtful and fun, while the other could leave you in debt. Being unpredictable, unfortunately, means that your partner is not dependable in the marriage.

If they make quick life-changing decisions without thinking through or consulting you first, it could mean issues with financial stability, family planning, and other important aspects. If your partner is unpredictable, you should hold off on the proposal and determine the likelihood of them changing. It is essential to bring it up and see their reaction. 

Always Fighting

Couples fight, but they do not fight all the time. You should think twice about the proposal if you find yourself barely getting through a conversation before it becomes a conflict. Couples can have different opinions, but there should be a willingness to reach a common ground from both parties before popping the big question.

Consistently fighting often means a deeper problem within the relationship that could break the marriage if it is not resolved. So before asking, get to the root of why you fight so much. 

You Feel Bad About Yourself When You Are Together. 

Does your partner make you feel good about yourself? Unfortunately, ‘honesty’ can often be mistaken for just being mean. Some people are overly critical of their partners, making them feel bad about themselves.

Before popping the question, you must ensure that the relationship is good for you. If your partner intends to hurt your feelings or is overly critical, you’ll develop insecurity and self-doubt. These qualities can break the marriage. 

You Believe Your Partner Has No Flaws.

The perfect person doesn’t exist. Even if your partner is kind, generous, and loving, there are some traits you should find annoying because nobody is that good. 

This delusional view is not your real partner. If you’re still looking for something about them that you don’t like, you likely don’t know them well enough. That being said, marrying someone you don’t know well is never a good idea and could have life-changing consequences. 

Before Popping the Question

After reviewing the information in this article, you may realize that you’re not ready to propose. Well, you don’t need to worry because there’s no rush. You would rather wait than hurry into a binding commitment that leaves you and your partner miserable. Take this time to work on your relationship if you want to go through with your current partner. 

As you work on the relationship, ensure that your partner understands it’s not a stall. Impatience isn’t uncommon, especially among partners who’ve been in a relationship for a long time. Some even believe that a delayed proposal is a sign of fear of commitment.  

Consider getting your partner a promise ring instead as a show of dedication. A promise ring is a step up from dating. It shows that you’re devoted to making the relationship work and that a proposal isn’t too far in the future. 

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