The Only Way to Get Your Cat to Use The Litter Box

Having a cat may be fun, but every owner has their struggles. Owning a pet involves many duties, but finding a method to get your beloved cat to use the litter box can be tough. This article will teach you exactly how to solve that issue.


Other cats have learned how to use litter since they were kittens. They were either trained by the mother or learned it on their own. But of course, there are ones who did not. For this, there is no other way but to litter train your pet. It is the only way to do it, so you should trust the process and give it time. 

6 Steps On How To Litter Train A Cat

Your home’s long-term health and comfort depend on you and maybe on your cat’s learning excellent litter box habits. 

1. Buy the Needed Pet Supplies

Your first trip to the pet store or scroll on the online shop is typically to buy necessities like cat food and water bowls. However, for this training, these are the basic things you will need for your feline/s.

Litter Box

The number one item on that list is always a litter box. It might sound easy, but there are also things to consider when purchasing one. Cats can be extremely selective regarding their litter pans’ measurements, style, depth, and other elements. With that said, it is important to pick specifically the right one.

It is different for every cat because every single one has different needs. However, the trick is to select the one that compliments your pet’s size and weight even when they stretch, including their tail. This rule also applies even if you have multiple cats. But remember that each one should have a litter box of their own to avoid territorial conflicts. 

Cat Litter

There are many different cat litters offered at pet stores, so it could take trial and error to discover the one that works for your kitty. Your pet may also be allergic to some as there are different varieties, including ones made out of clay, pine, corn, recycled newspaper, or silica gel. If your cat has an illness, it is safe to visit a veterinarian.

There are many different types of scents. Some even have antibacterial properties. If you are hesitant and prefer going through your options, you can buy cat supplies at PETstock. The common thing to do for safety reasons is to start with an unscented one. But, If you have tried unscented ones, you can also explore which scented cat litter will work for you. 

2. Show the Box to your Cat

Cats or felines tend to observe new things they see by sniffing or hanging around them. Displaying the litter box where they can easily see it might help them become familiar and eventually comfortable with it. For this step, picking a small place or room is good.

3. Put your Cat Inside the Litter pan/box

Whenever they look like they need to go, you should gently place them inside so they can get used to it. 

4. Reward Them

Associating a reward when they use the litter box should help them use it more. You can use cat food, toys, or treats your cat likes.

5. Transfer the Litter Box to a Bigger, Quiet Space

When your pet is used to it, this is the time to move the box to another slightly bigger room. It is important to pick a quiet space with little human interaction or noise. Remember not to place it beside the water and food bowls. In this step, you may start to lessen rewards, so they don’t get used to the treats too much.

6. Clean Regularly

If it becomes dirty, your cat might start to avoid the litter pan. So, please note how often you should clean it; this also depends on how often it gets used. If cleaning litter boxes seem inconvenient for you, there are also automatic litter boxes that are self-cleaning.

Which litter box type do cats prefer, open or closed?

Cats favor litter boxes that are spacious and clean. They should ideally be at least 1.5 times the cat’s length, allowing the feline to spin around and fit within without difficulty. The tiny ones feel safer using the restroom without covers.

How frequently do you clean cat litter?

Cat litter should generally be cleaned twice per week. However, depending on your situation, you could only need to do it once per week or every other day. Clumps of litter may only need to be changed every two to three weeks if the litter box is cleaned daily.


These may look like a lot, but having a cat or any pet comes with a responsibility. Helping them build positive habits could benefit both you and your pet. It can be a way to have a clean and healthy environment in your home.