The Latest Nail Trend: Bubble Gloss Nails

Bubble Gloss Nails are the latest manicure craze taking over social media. This fun and creative nail style is perfect for showing off eye-catching, glossy nail looks that are sure to get you lots of compliments. 

Keep reading to learn all about how to get this bubbly nail look at home.

What are Bubble Gloss Nails?

Bubble Gloss Nails, sometimes called bubble nails or bubble tip nails, get their name from their thick, glossy appearance that resembles bubbles or water droplets on the tips of the nails. This unique manicure style plays with textures by combining a demi-matte nail polish with an extra glossy top coat to create the “bubble” effect. When done correctly, it looks like tiny globs of glossy polish are sitting on top of the base color, almost like smooth pieces of candy!

While this trend has blown up online recently, bubble nails themselves are not new. Nail art enthusiasts have been experimenting with creative ways to get this plump glossy texture for years. However, the recent popularity of bubble gloss nails can be attributed to nail artists showing off their fun and youthful manicure ideas on TikTok and Instagram. 

How to Achieve the Bubble Gloss Look

Getting perfect bubble gloss nails might sound complicated, but the technique is actually quite easy! Here is a step-by-step guide:

1. Start with a base coat to protect nails  

Paint on a layer of clear base coat or ridge-filling base coat first to prime and protect your nails. Let it dry thoroughly before moving on to polish.

2. Paint on your color  

Choose any cream or demi-matte polish color for your base shade. The flatter the finish, the better the bubbles will pop! Paint two thin coats and let them dry completely to ensure even application.

3. Apply a thick glossy top coat  

This is the key step for achieving gorgeously plump bubbles! Use a gloopy, thick top coat like Essie’s Gel Couture Top Coat or OPI’s Bubble Bath. The thicker texture will give you those high-gloss dimensional bubbles. Apply two coats. As you layer on the gloss, you’ll start to see the bubbles take shape before your eyes. So fun!

4. Let nails fully cure

Give your Bubble Gloss Nails ample time to completely dry and cure, at least 30 minutes if possible. This helps ensure maximum shine and prevents denting or smudging your perfect bubbles.

Bubble Gloss Manicure Ideas & Color Combos

Once you’ve mastered the bubble technique, the possibilities are endless for the unique designs you can create! Playing with different base colors and nail art under your glossy bubbles allows you to customize fun looks. 

– For a sweet and subtle style, paint your nails with a pale pink or nude polish, then gloss over with bubbles. 

– Try a white or black base color for high contrast under those crystalline clear bubbles.

– Paint small fruit slice tips or French tips using Berry Bubble Gloss Nails before topping with gloss.

– Get creative with stripes, florals, or colorblocking using multiple demi-matte polishes, sealing each design with a thick glossy topper.

– Incorporate glitter, rhinestones, chrome powder, or foil undersheets for a show-stopping bubble effect finish!

Caring for Your Bubble Gloss Nails

One thing to keep in mind with any dramatic nail look is that it requires a little extra care and maintenance. Here are tips for making your Bubble Gloss Nails last as long as possible:

  • Always apply base and top coat to protect your polish and seal in shine
  • Try to avoid excessive water exposure when washing hands or dishes
  • Use gloves for cleaning products, gardening, etc. that may cause chips
  • Carry a small nail file to smooth down any small catches
  • Apply cuticle oil daily to nourish and condition the nail beds
  • Get polish touch-ups or fills every 1-2 weeks for fresh growth

How Long Do Bubble Gloss Nails Last?  

With proper care and avoidance of chips, you can expect your Bubble Gloss Nails to last around 1-2 weeks. The longevity ultimately depends most on your own individual nail strength and growth rate. The thicker glossy top coat will allow the polished visual effect to last on the nail tip surface longer before growing out. Get fills every 10-14 days to maintain the bubbly look.


Bubble Gloss Nails are seriously so fun and eye-catching! The wet, glossy texture amplified by the 3D bubble effect takes any nail polish from flat to fab. If you’re looking to spice up your usual nail game, give this trend a try. You’ll love playing around with the shapes, textures, and colors to find your perfect bubble style. Get ready to soak up all the compliments!