The Hottest Trends In Men’s Glasses

Sunglasses have often been the most talked about trend for men! These shades not only give out the best looks but also happen to be a style statement for many. In this article, we will learn everything you need to know about the hottest trends in men’s glasses.


Oversized glasses look great on LeBron James. But, oversized frames are quite daring and bold. They tend to reveal the fact that you are not attempting to hide that you are wearing glasses. 

Also, you must opt for a style on a larger scale that balances the shape of your face. You must be confidently balanced and feel good when you wear oversized frames since they will take up more real estate on your face. 


Among the retro styles, a cool comeback is the half-rimmed glasses. Leaving the bottom part of the lens exposed, half-rimmed glasses have rims on the top half part of the frame. 

The half-rimmed glasses bring in a bit of flair and personality, making a two-textured look to otherwise ordinary frames. Half-rimmed glasses are compared with the trendy hipster style and are suitable for the trendier guys. 

You could try on a pair and check if they accentuate your typical wardrobe. Then you can consider if they seem a bit of a misfit or if they complement your style. You should consider your regular outfits as well and not just your face.  


Thick-rimmed glasses other than oversized frames offer a bolder, bigger style that might go well with your personality and play along with your daily style. You have to stand out compared to th

If you are not afraid of attention and want your glasses to be one of the defining eleminner rims and expect them to pop off your face if you choose a pair as they are pronounced and chunky. ents of your outfit, then you must opt for thick-rimmed glasses.

Round frames:

Musicians and artsy-type guys tend to wear vintage classic round frames as they want to go against the grain and express themselves. People who have oval or rectangular-shaped faces with prominent and sharp features should opt for round frames. 

You can try a pair of round frames, take a few pictures from different angles and send them to your close ones to get their opinions. It is an easy way to decide whether you can pull off round frames or not.


You will find wayfarer under the larger umbrella of the vintage-inspired styles but it deserves to be singled out on its own. Wayfarer will go with anything from a casual t-shirt to a formal suit as they are a versatile, sleek style. 

They will suit people who have oval and round-shaped faces as the frames areangular with their design. But they will look stylish on several other face shapes because they are so iconic. SmartBuy Glasses UK have all of the latest men’s glasses styles for you to check out in one place!


We hope we could help you with everything you need to know about the hottest trends in men’s glasses that we mentioned above after thorough research for you. Try them out and find your perfect match!