The Art Of Digitization: Best AI Tools To Craft A High-Quality Essay

After the surge of the pandemic, digital tools have increased, especially for students who use AI tools to write essays. Hence, you see Google and Microsoft investing in AI tools and developing them to help students research information and get the necessary help.  

Consequently, you will see that students are getting more and more used to AI tools to help them in their academics. This is because, due to the tough schedule, a student needs an assistant to get all the studies and projects done. That’s where the value of AI tools is slowly increasing. In the coming years, almost everyone will use AI tools to assist them in their academics and essay writing.  

For that reason, we will discuss some AI tools that you can use to craft a beautiful piece of writing. It will help you to get good grades in the class. So, for that, you need to look at the next section.  

AI Tools To Craft High-Quality Essay  

We all have seen Jarvis in Iron Man, who helps Tony Stark with everyone. Similarly, there is Siri and Google Assistant. However, it is slowly changing, especially with the invention of Chat GPT. It has shown the capability of AI and how it can assist students to write essays within minutes. Besides Chat GPT, there are other AI tools that offer similar or better services to students to help them write high-quality essays.  

Here are a few of them –  

Bard or Gemini By Google  

After the success of Chat GPT, Google entered the AI segment. The chat-based AI enables students to ask any question they want and look for relevant information. In a matter of seconds, it will give you the answer. Furthermore, you can ask it to write an essay on the following topic. They will do it for you with relevant facts and figures.  

Moreover, their style of writing will be more like humans. Also, the paper will have no errors, especially with grammar and tone. That way, you can easily speed up the completion of lesson learning. In addition, you can ask the AI to give you ideas on various essay topics or ask them to edit your paper. All-in-all, you will save most of your precious time and focus on other aspects of learning and development. For this, you can visit website of Paper Help for more information on the subject. is the best friend students can get to help them write and compose top-quality essays. The application comes with multiple features that enable students to get their whole essay sorted in the platform. It can create an essay by taking information from 215 million research papers present in its database.  

In addition, the data you will get from the platform you can download in pdf format to read it. That way, the application maintains transparency with the users and helps them to get the best essay to get a good score. However, there is a con associated with the application: it can only write 550 words a day. It has a major drawback, as most of the essays have a minimal requirement of 1000 words.  


When it comes to efficiency then, Jasper’s name echoes in the ear. This is an app that can write in more than 30 languages. Therefore, you can ask them in any language, and they will assist you in getting the best essay for your college submission. The machine learning of the application is highly advanced, which enables you to get a plagiarism-free essay.  

Also, essays contain great depth of knowledge and information to support the claim. That way, you can understand that their machine learning is highly advanced and leaves no screws unturned. However, the moon also has its dark side. Similarly, there is an issue with the app. You need to subscribe to plans to get an endless number of written words. Also, it would help if you simplified what you need in detail; then, they can help you write a high-quality essay.  


Another feather in the flock will be Essay-Builder. AI. It is an application that helps students to craft essays in different tones and styles. The AI can write essays in 12 different tones and styles. That way, you get a highly customized essay. In the platform, you can write an essay, as per your choice and edit at your convenience. Hence, it will be your touch and essence in the paper.  

The application gives great leverage to students to leave their mark on the essay. It will enable them to maintain the originality of the essay. In addition, you can generate citations and references after subscriptions. However, with the free model, you can’t make a citation in the paper. Another issue is that the paper lacks depth in terms of quality facts and figures. Hence, it leaves space for you to highlight and add literature. is another that floats around when students are looking for AI assistance. The easy user interface of the application enables students to navigate through and ask it to write a high-quality essay. AI can craft essays free of plagiarism. Hence, you can easily submit the paper to your teacher. Furthermore, you get features, grammar checkers, and a citation foundation to edit your papers.  

That way, you can craft and edit your essays properly without any hassle; however, every application has some drawbacks. Similarly, the application has issues with proofreading and editing. It means you have to go through the paper once it is written. Lastly, the quality of information needs to improve to add depth to the essay. 

AI Is The New Age Of Progress  

In the end, AI is the way to measure your progress and the metrics of your essay. They can help you craft an essay or use them to edit properly. Therefore, you can read the discussion above, where you will get an AI tool to help you write and assist them. Consequently, you will greatly assist and save your time to focus on the other sections of your studies.  

So, use them and write properly. Ciao!!