About Sweets and Desserts

Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Sweets and Desserts

There’s no dispute that everyone likes sweets and desserts. To some people, Valentine’s Day, Easter or, Halloween isn’t complete without these delicacies.

However, did you know that there’s a difference between sweets and desserts? Sounds confusing, right? In this article, we’re going to discuss how sweets are different from desserts. Also, we’re going to look at some interesting facts you didn’t know about sweets and desserts. So let’s take a look.

How are sweets different from desserts?

Sweets are confections that include sugar as an essential ingredient. Lollies are primarily used as one-course dishes. People generally term candies and chocolates as sweets. What’s important to note is that you can use sweets as part of dessert, but desserts can’t be used to make sweets.

Desserts are made from a variety of sweet ingredients. A dessert may contain sweet dishes, a beverage likes wine and sometimes fruits. You can also include well-prepared savoury delicacies, nuts, coffee and cheese.

What sets sweets and desserts apart is the way they’re prepared, presented or consumed. For example, bars of chocolate are sweets, but once you melt them for baking a cake, they form part of the dessert. You can eat a sweet anywhere, but desserts are typically taken after a meal. Desserts also include ice-creams, pastries and cakes.

Most interesting facts about sweets

While consuming too many sweets can affect your teeth, it’s hard to imagine that the first person who came up with cotton candy was a dentist. William James Morrison and his friend John C collaborated to develop an electric candy machine in 1897.

Did you know that bubble gum was invented by an accountant in a chewing gum factory? The man behind the idea was Walter Diemer. After realizing that traditional chewing gums were very sticky, he decided to develop a better chewing gum formula. The formula wasn’t sticky, which meant that people could now blow bubbles with chewing gum.


What’s even more interesting is that pink is the most popular colour used in bubble gums. Why pink? At the time when Diemer was inventing bubble gums, the only colour available was pink. People chew more than 100000 tons of bubble gum annually. That’s approximately the weight of 14000 elephants.

The Tootsie Roll candy was invented in1896. It was included in field rations for soldiers in World war 2. That’s because it could endure in various weather conditions. Sweets were not regarded as they are today. Instead, they were equivalent to modern day energy supplements. It was also the first sweet worth one cent to be wrapped individually.

The Easter holiday is a massive moneymaker for sweet companies across the world. While you might think that Halloween and Valentine’s Day is the best sweet selling days, the Easter season leaves most sweet companies yearning for more. Sweet companies make millions of Easter bunnies and jelly beans for the Easter holiday. To satisfy the demand for Easter bunnies, companies have to make 5 million pieces every day throughout the year.

Surprising facts about Desserts

The word dessert originates from the French word ‘dessevir’, which means ‘clear the table’. It was served once people had other meals. The word ‘dessert’ was later adopted in Australia, Canada and USA and New Zealand. However, the British refer to it as ‘pudding’.

Thanks to the invention of reliable ovens, the predecessors of modern cakes were introduced in the mid-17th century. Then, in the 19th century, there was the introduction of cupcakes which became popular since they were easy to make. Google has revealed that cupcakes recipes are among the most searched recipes.

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The early settlers and Pilgrim Fathers introduced the pie desserts to America. These pies were berries and fruit based. The pie later evolved to become the most famous ancient American dessert.

The most expensive dessert is known as The Frrrozen Haute Chocolate Ice Cream. It cost $25000 and was included in Serendipity 3 restaurant menu in 2007. It contains a combination of 28 cocoas- 14 of them are the costliest globally. It’s decorated with 5 grams of edible gold. The desert is served in a gold lined goblet and is eaten using a spoon made of gold. The most expensive dessert before then was the Golden Opulence Sundae which cost $1000.

You’ll be surprised to realize that the German chocolate is not from Germany. Instead, it was named after Samuel German, an American baker. The chocolate became so popular that the name ‘German Chocolate’ is still used even after the inventor’s name was excluded from the recipe.

Did you know that ice cream testers have to use gold spoons to test the quality? A gold spoon is ideal for testing the samples since it doesn’t have an aftertaste. But, the wonders of the exceptional gold spoon don’t end there. The ice cream scoop is about 5 inches long and comes with a shallow bowl.

Final Thoughts

There you have it-interesting facts about sweets and dessert. Do you have an event or a craving for Dutch, Australian, American or UK sweet brands? Check us out now to have your favourite brands of lollies delivered in Australia.