couples therapy

Signs that you need to go to couples therapy: When to go?

Lack of communication, intimacy problems and infidelity are three of the main causes and signs that indicate problems in love relationships. Experts in therapy and mental health warn which are the signs to pay attention to and how to overcome relationship problems.

The number of divorces and the number of couples who decide to end their relationship is increasing, according to the latest statistics. As psychology experts explain, this is something that in most cases could be prevented if attention is paid in time to the signs that indicate problems in a relationship. Couples therapy, they point out, is essential to identify them, but also to achieve an understanding between the two and regain good coexistence. The problem, the therapists explain, lies in the fact that it is not always known when to go to therapy, and this can cause the visit to take too long, to the point that it is too late. It is for this reason that they reiterate the importance of knowing some of the clearest signs of relationship problems, such as lack of communication, intimacy problems and infidelities, but also destructive arguments and other signs.

In most cases, relationship problems can be solved with therapy, but it is important to see a specialist to learn how to manage the situation on both sides and recover the well-being of the initial love.

What is the purpose of couples therapy and what does it involve?

Couples therapy consists of attending several joint sessions with a psychologist or psychotherapist specialized in love relationships. As explained from the therapy clinic for couples in Barcelona ProyectoArt, the objective is to resolve the conflicts that exist between the two to achieve that the coexistence is good again. Of course, depending on each person, the professional will use some tools or others to make the therapy successful. Now, although the favorable rate is high, the truth is that there are also very worn out relationships in which the most indicated thing is to look for the well-being separately, the professionals specify. The final goal, in any case, is the well-being and that there is an understanding between both so that the union returns to be strong as in the past, whenever possible.

To achieve this, it is necessary to involve both parties, modifying or accepting the behavior of the other person. And for this, experts stress, it is essential that there is a shared predisposition, giving in on both sides to reach an agreement. If one of the two parties does not do so, then the agreement is presented as something very complicated that usually generates problems in the short term. Couples therapy deals with three areas, mainly emotional, cognitive and behavioral. Or what is the same, feelings, thoughts and behavioral exchanges, respectively. The latter is the most complex, as it is usually the most deteriorated area, according to the sector.

Signs that indicate that something is failing in our relationship.

As professionals in the sector agree, many couples tend to prolong the visit to the therapist because they are unaware of the signs that indicate when the relationship is failing, and this can have irremediable consequences for the couple. Going to therapy in time can save most relationships and knowing the signs when it is failing is fundamental. One of the main reasons, say professionals, is intimacy problems. They refer to the latter as the lack of sexual relations, in addition to the existence of great silences during cohabitation. The problems in intimacy derive, likewise, in a bad streak that must be solved as soon as possible to avoid that the essence of the relationship is lost.

Lack of communication, on the other hand, is another of the most distinctive problems and signs of a deteriorating relationship. When a relationship begins, it is fluid and understanding is very easy, they emphasize. However, as it evolves, it may deteriorate and, in part, this is because the initial love begins to fade. This often results in one partner not listening to the other, leading to problems of understanding and arguments. Professionals, therefore, recommend finding a remedy, to prevent the couple from being doomed to failure. Another of the most common problems is usually related to children. Specifically, with the education and the way in which each one does it. Finally, they speak of sharing a vital project as a couple. This is necessary to be happy over time, however, problems arise when the evolution does not occur at the same time or in the same direction.

Although it may sound paradoxical, one of the keys offered by the experts is in the discussions, which they say can be positive. In fact, they emphasize that we must lose the fear of arguing, but as long as they are healthy discussions on both sides. This is of vital importance to know and express both points of view and thus better understand the other party.

Is it possible to forgive an infidelity?

According to many experts, the answer is yes and it can be solved with a professional specialized in couple therapy. However, recovery is usually slow and painful since both must put a lot of effort to rebuild the lost trust. Otherwise, the relationship will be doomed to failure and the well-being of the couple must be worked on separately. Remember that it is not always necessary to force the union when it is not possible to avoid greater damage.