Seducing a Girl

Seducing a Girl: Everything You Need to Know

Let’s be honest – the art of seducing women is something that escapes most men.  All too often, a typical bloke thinks it’s enough to turn up with some gas station flowers, throw out a cheesy chat-up line, and gain a fast-track ticket to a girl’s heart…and other places. 

In reality, truly seducing a girl goes far beyond the basic efforts made by most men.

The truth is, there’s no one-size-fits-all blueprint for seducing a girl. Each and every woman is different and responds in different ways to different things.

But when it comes to paving the way for seduction, the overwhelming majority of women respond to certain efforts and gestures from men in the same way. Learn the ropes with these tried and tested techniques, and you could be golden. 

As a starting point for those who find the prospect of seducing women difficult (or downright terrifying), here’s how to up your game starting right now:

1. Practice Makes Perfect 

One of the best ways to master the art of seducing women is to practice as often as possible. This is where sex video chat services can prove surprisingly useful – the kind of on-demand tuition that really could teach you all you need to know. If you lack the confidence to pick up women in the real world, online ‘dates’ could prime you with the skill and talents you need to turn things around. Or at least help you develop the kinds of ‘practical’ skills that will turn you into a pure animal in the bedroom!

2. Engage Her in an Interesting Conversation

Women are instinctively attracted to men who engage them in meaningful conversation. Roughly translated, a conversation that focuses on topics of importance to them – their hobbies, interests, beliefs, values, and so on. Meaningful conversation demonstrates genuine interest in the other person and is a massive turn-on for women.

3. Ask Plenty of Questions 

Not to such an extent as to turn the whole thing into an interrogation, but to again demonstrate a genuine interest in the person you are talking to. Ask her about herself, take an interest in what she has to say, and keep the conversation flowing. Having a list of genuinely relevant questions in mind can be a great way to avoid awkward silences, which can be the ultimate passion killer.

4. Make an Effort 

In terms of your own personal appearance and grooming, you need to make the same kind of effort you would expect her to make on your behalf. If this means shelling out for some decent clothes and taking a trip to a high-priced barber, do it. You can’t expect a woman to feel appreciated or respected if you clearly haven’t made any effort to look your best. 

5. Use Compliments Carefully 

There’s a time and a place for getting down and dirty with the more ‘adult’ compliments. For now, it’s better to use them carefully and strategically. Compliments can be great conversation-starters when used the right way. For example, you could tell her you really like her earrings (or any other accessories) and ask where they came from. Again, a great way of showing genuine interest in her and getting her to take an interest in you.

6. Be Humble 

Even if you take home a cool $5 million per year and drive an Aston Martin, these are the kinds of details that should be left out of the conversation. If you make a point of talking about things like this, you’ll come across as a brag…and it’s not going to happen.  But if you deliberately avoid mentioning these kinds of things, you’ll be seen as someone with values that go beyond the material. When she finds out you’re rich (or a big deal in general) at a later date, it will come as a pleasant surprise.

7. Practice Chivalry

Simple gestures can go a long way when it comes to seducing women. Opening doors for them, pulling out their chair at a restaurant, offering them your jacket, picking up the tab – all the old-fashioned gentlemanly practices that are truly timeless in nature. Women want to feel cared for and appreciated by the men they date – all of which begins with basic chivalry.

8. Text Her Last Thing at Night 

If you time it right after your date, you can ensure she goes to sleep thinking of you. Who knows, you may even turn up in her dreams. A goodnight text with a sweet message of gratitude for the date you’ve just had really can work wonders. But at the same time, it’s important not to be intrusive and to end up waking her up after she’s already fallen asleep.