Roses Are Red April Is Grey Ramen Explained

Roses Are Red April Is Grey Ramen Explained

sPeople are very creative these days. They can easily twist sentences to make them fit in the actual context of the current trend to make you laugh. When everyone gets a platform to speak, it becomes easier to express. The same things are learned from the two-year-old roses are red April is grey ramen trend.

The meme came during the pandemic when people had ample time to think and share their creativity. It included a twisted rhyme fitted into the context of Covid 19. Despite the pandemic, people didn’t forget their creativity; it reflected on social media when they shared a twisted version of the meme using their online handles.

There were literally over thousand versions of the roses are red April is grey ramen meme, which made it a worldwide trend enjoyed by many. You must have noticed at least one of these posts and might have shared one too.

So, what exactly are the roses are red April is grey ramen trend? Where did it come from? How did it get viral, and what exactly is Justin Timberlake in all of these memes? Let’s find out! Also, there is a lot to learn. Please read till the end for a detailed explanation.

What is a Meme?

Of course, every social media user knows what meme is. But let’s discuss the technicalities. It’s essential to understand the trend better.

So, a meme is a type of media that spreads, often as mimicry or for humorous purposes, from person to person via the internet. Memes can be a variety of things, including a concept, catchphrase, image, video, or website.

They are humorous and usually shared through social media platforms or other websites. Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins coined the term “meme” in his 1976 book “The Selfish Gene,” describing them as a cultural unit passed from one person to another.

In modern settings – any social media post that makes you laugh is a meme. It can be an image or video. “Roses are red, April is grey top ramen” was a meme that trended worldwide.

What exactly is the roses are red April is grey ramen memes?

The entire and original phrase is “roses are red, April is grey, ramen is my one true love.” It is a type of poetry-based meme that consists of three lines that follow a specific rhyme scheme. The first line typically consists of a phrase that rhymes with “red,” the second line typically consists of a phrase that rhymes with “grey,” and the third line typically consists of a phrase that rhymes with “love.”

People have twisted it to create a meme with a picture of Justin Timberlake to make it more hilarious. Like this post on Twitter. Some of the widely shared examples of this trend are

  • Roses are red. April is grey the next time we go out – followed by an image.
  • Roses are red, April is grey The next time you leave your house…It’s Gonna May.

Remember, the meme came during the time of Covid 19, and that’s why they are somehow referring to the pandemic where everyone was locked inside in frustration. People were urged to live their post-pandemic life, and they were telling it through their memes using social media.

Roses Are Red April Is Grey Ramen Explained

When did the roses are red April is grey ramen trend start?

The trend is over two years old, and it’s difficult to say when the “roses are red April accurately is grey ramen” trend started. Memes and trends on the internet can spread quickly, and it can be difficult to trace their origins.

The trend may have started on a specific social media platform or website, spread to others, or originated in multiple places. If you’re interested in learning more about the history of this particular meme, try doing some online research or asking other people who may have more information about its origins.

You can check popular websites like Know your meme or Reddit communities for accurate information. We did our research but have yet to find a detailed explanation or comments about who started the trend.

Roses Are Red April Is Grey Ramen Explained

Coronavirus impact on the trend

The COVID-19 pandemic has primarily impacted the popularity or evolution of the roses are red, April is grey ramen meme. Many people have spent more time at home and using social media to connect with others during the pandemic. Most of them had much free time with nothing much to do, which significantly contributed to the spread of this and other memes.

Even most of the posts were directed in the sense of the pandemic, and many people were able to exactly related with the situation. It brought many shares, likes, and comments, which boosted the popularity, helped the posts spread worldwide, and brought much free publicity.

Indeed, the pandemic played a significant role in spreading the trend and making it famous worldwide. After two years, you can still find those posts on your favorite social media platforms.

Which website has most of these memes?

Many of the posts we researched for this article were from Twitter and Instagram. These are the major platforms that support and allow memes to spread deliberately.

Still, we can’t make official claims about which social media website has the most roses are red April is grey ramen memes, as memes can be shared on various platforms.

Along with Instagram and Twitter, this meme may be particularly popular on platforms known for their strong visual elements, such as TikTok, as the rhyme scheme of the meme may be particularly well-suited to these formats. However, the meme may also be shared on other platforms such as Reddit or Discord.

With more strong information or deeply researched data, it is easier to say which platform has the most of this meme. However, if you are looking to browse some of the viral posts of that time, then Twitter will be the best platform.

Search for the roses are red, April is grey ramen meme on Google, and you will get a list of popular websites hosting these posts.

What viewpoint of users about the meme?

The comments below these posts were hilarious. We noticed the people who don’t post on social media had their version of these memes, and they shared them in the comments of viral posts. There are 100 times more memes than those surfacing on the Internet. Most of them were hiding under the comments left unexplored by many.

Also, it is about more than just the fun. We also noticed that people’s opinions about memes could vary widely. Some people found the posts humorous or entertaining, while others believed it’s annoying and overused.

The overall perception of this meme depends on the individual viewer and their personal preferences. Some people may enjoy the creative challenge of coming up with their variations on the meme, while others may find it a tired or unoriginal format.

Whatever the viewpoint, most social media users enjoyed connecting with these memes, making them smile during difficult times. So, it was indeed worth the hype and entertaining as well.

Is the meme still trending?

Similar to other social media trends, this also disappeared pretty soon, and these days no talks about the roses are red April is grey ramen meme. Even if you ask users about the trend, they might fail to understand what you are talking about.

Changes on the Internet are quick, and within a week or two, a different form of content takes over the overused trend. It’s normal, and people are used to it. They also quickly move from one trend to another in search of fun and finding new posts.

How to find these forgotten memes on social media?

There are a few different ways to find the roses are red April is grey ramen meme on social media:

  • Use a search engine: You can use a search engine like Google or Bing to search for the name of the meme you are finding. This can help you find old memes shared on websites or social media platforms.
  • Use social media search functions: Many social media platforms have functions that allow you to search for specific terms or hashtags. You can find old memes shared on the forum using these search functions.
  • Join online communities or forums: Some many online communities or forums are dedicated to discussing and sharing memes. You can join one of these communities and ask if anyone has any information about the old meme you are looking for.
  • Consider using archival websites: Websites are dedicated to archiving old content from the internet, including memes. You can find old memes on these types of websites.

Remember that it may be difficult to find old memes, as they can be hard to track down and may not be as widely shared as they once were. However, the above methods can help you find what you want.

Pros and cons of the roses are red April is grey ramen trend

There are positive and negatives of all trends which teaches something. Here are some potential pros and cons of this trend – also a takeaway.


  • It allowed people to be creative and create variations on the meme.
  • The trend helped to bring people together and foster a sense of community on social media.
  • It also provides a sense of levity or humor during difficult times


  • Some people perceived it as an unoriginal or overused trend.
  • Others see it as a waste of time by those who do not find it entertaining.
  • It distracted users from more important or serious topics.

Ultimately, the pros and cons of this trend will depend on the individual viewer and their perspective. They can be different for everyone.

Is there something to learn from the roses are red April is grey ramen trend?

Although the specific lessons will depend on the individual viewer and their perspective, some potential lessons that could be learned from this trend could include:

  • The importance of creativity: The trend may encourage people to think creatively and create variations on the meme.
  • The value of humor: It will help to provide a sense of levity or humor during difficult times.
  • The power of social media: The trend may demonstrate the speed at which memes can spread and the reach of social media.

Types of memes currently trending on social media

There are hundreds of categories of memes currently trending on social media, and it’s impossible to determine “who is seeing what,” but some popular categories that are forever trending include.

  1. Image macros: These are memes consisting of a picture with superimposed text. The text is usually in the form of a caption or punchline intended to be humorous.
  2. GIFs: these are short, looping video clips often used to express emotions or reactions.
  3. Video memes: These are shared in a video, often with humorous or catchy music added.
  4. Text-based memes: These are memes that consist of a catchy phrase or text intended to be humorous or relatable.

People show their creativity by twisting and fitting their thoughts in these meme formats and often come up with a trend that receives worldwide attention on social media.

Roses Are Red April Is Grey Ramen Explained

Final thoughts

There are different posts going viral now and then, and roses are red April is grey top ramen was too. It’s funny and allows people to connect with the current situation. That’s it was widely accepted and shared by users worldwide.

However, like every online trend, this one also faded away pretty soon, and now it is challenging to find related posts on the Internet. Still, it left us with smiles and some other psychological benefits.

You clearly understand the trend and technicalities behind it. If you still have doubts or questions, please leave them in the comments for us to address them soon. We hope you like this explanation.