Romeo and Juliet – A Classic That Students Always Prefer

Romeo and Juliet is one of the most popular plays that the great and influential William Shakespeare wrote. Written in the seventies, the play has been a people’s favorite love story. 

Romeo and Juliet are the most rehearsed, practiced, and played shows around the world. School students read and enact the play through their curriculum. One of the greatest love stories, it is the most commonly used term for love.

A student’s favorite

Romeo and Juliet story is a classic that students over generations loved and preferred. Every school has held a Romeo and Juliet play, and students have loved performing the classic. Everyone who loves reading elaborate, classic, and flowery language must read the classic play.

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The Romeo and Juliet Story

Even after centuries of being written, the impact of the story of the love Romeo and Juliet are people’s favorite. Many writers and play directors have adapted their version of the play. The story displays a simple, classic, and beautiful love story between Romeo and Juliet.

The story begins as the staff of two noble families- namely Capulet and Montague are seen fighting in Verona. Given the fights that would break out often, the citizens displayed their deep interest in avoiding such fights. The ruler of Verona decided to curb this uproar by ordering a death sentence for anyone who initiates a fight. 

Then comes Romeo, the son of a Montague, who is in love with a girl named Rosaline. Rosaline does not love Juliet back. Juliet was Lord Capulet’s daughter. Lord Capulet used to hold an annual masquerade ball. This time around, he decides to invite Paris. Paris, according to the Lord, is an eligible match for his daughter Juliet. He, however, asks him to wait for two years. He wanted Juliet to turn fourteen before she was married to him.

The turn in the story

Romeo and Benvolio encounter the Lord’s servants distributing invitations. At this point, Benvolio persuades Romeo to attend the ball. This way, they would have the opportunity to look at the beautiful women Verona. Romeo thinks to himself and decides to attend the ball, as he would have a chance to meet his love, Rosaline.

Romeo enters the ball and sees Juliet. He falls in love with her at the very first sight, forgetting all about Rosaline. Romeo now tries to talk with Juliet. On his successful attempt, he feels the same spark of love from Juliet. Upon feeling the same love from Julie, they kiss.

Their true identities are revealed only after they have expressed their love. The situation leaves Romeo worried, and he visits Friar Lawrence to take his suggestion on the right actions he should take. Looking at the love between the two, he offers to marry Romeo and Juliet secretly. 

The lovers trying to make things happen

With the help of Juliet’s Nurse, the two lovers arrange to marry when Juliet goes for confession at the cell of Friar Laurence. There, they are secretly married. Just a day after Romeo and Juliet are married, Tybalt challenges him to a duel. Romeo, trying to stop the fight, accidentally kills Tybalt. As the Lord’s instruction, he was banished from Verona for committing the crime.

Romeo spends the last night in Verona with Juliet. Juliet is extremely worried about her wedding to Paris, as her father decided. Nobody was aware that they were already married. 

Wanting to spend the rest of their lives together, Juliet drinks poison one day before her wedding in Paris. This poison, however, would leave her dead for only some hours. After Juliet’s family puts her to rest, Friar Lawrence will bring Romeo to revive her, and they could spend the rest of their lives together.

A tale of twists and turns

Another tragedy occurs when Friar Lawrence’s message does not reach Romeo. Upon learning that the love of his life is dead, Romeo could not imagine living without her. He decides to end his life right lying next to him. Romeo buys poison to kill himself. 

He finds Paris on the way. He kills him after they fight. Romeo sits next to Juliet’s crypt and drinks the poison. A few moments later, Juliet awakes. She finds Romeo dead and lying next to her. Upon seeing Romo, she tries to kiss Romeo’s lips and drink the leftover poison. Hoping that it would kill her. But, when it does not, she stabs herself in the heart and falls next to Romeo.

The two families arrive at the tomb, and the sight shows them how really unhappy their children really were. The families decide to make Verona peaceful to live in.

Many readers wonder what happened to Romeo and Juliet. There are many excerpts and summaries that break down the chapters of the play. An avid reader must read the original play to gather the depth and beauty of Shakespeare’s writing.


The play focuses on the tragedy it took to make Verona a peaceful place. The play focuses on a sad and tragic ending but also shows hope for a better life in the future of the city. The play is a timeless classic that every student and adult must read at least once in their lifetime. The play is divided into five acts. Each of which depicts a strong story and plot. The play binds all these things together and leaves people with a beautiful message to interpret. The family promises to erect a monument in the memory of the two lovers.