Relationship with a sugar daddy: everything you need to know about sugar dating

Sugar dating has nothing to do with sporadic paid encounters, it is a relationship based on commitment, in which a sugar daddy offers support and knowledge to a sugar baby, a girl who wants to learn as much as possible from the experience. of your partner.

There are many misconceptions about sugar dating. Bad publicity has led people to believe that these are only sporadic meetings in which there is no commitment, when in reality it is completely the opposite.

To understand this type of relationship, it is necessary to know the definition of sugar daddy. It is a term used to refer to men with high purchasing power who seek to have affective relationships with younger women, to offer them support, advice and social status.

Due to his experience and standard of living, a sugar daddy is able to share his unique lifestyle to create a long-lasting relationship that requires a level of commitment and stability. It is extremely important to highlight that sugar dating does not contemplate any type of payment exchange per meeting.

What does a sugar daddy look for?

Contrary to what many believe, a sugar daddy wants to build real relationships with a woman, where the only significant exchange is experiences and learning. By visiting a blog with more information, it will be possible to know aspects such as the main factors that men look for through sugar dating, among which the following aspects stand out.


Many sugar daddies are businessmen in high-level positions. For this reason, they need to keep their personal affairs separate from their jobs.


An older man needs to be sure that his sentimental partner leads an orderly life and will not cause any kind of problems in the short or long term. This aspect is extremely important, since one of the main characteristics of sugar dating is the rise in social status.


A sugar daddy is looking for much more than just a handsome face. These men want to have interesting conversations and share their moments with a nice person with a good presence.

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What is a sugar baby?

A sugar baby is a young girl, usually a university student, who is looking for the financial security, learning and support that only a mature, upper-class man can provide. In her spare time, she offers the sugar daddy company, and on some occasions, she is also her guest at events or business meetings.

Sugar babes value maturity and experience in men, beyond age or physical attractiveness. The reason for this is that these girls want to achieve their goals through the advice of a person with much more experience.

What is sugar dating?

Once the concepts of sugar daddy and sugar baby are known, it is time to understand how the dynamics of sugar dating work. This is a type of long-term relationship, in which an older man provides mentoring and support to a young girl who wants to take advantage of the time together to learn about life.

Sugar dating relationships have nothing to do with sporadic paid encounters, it is about coexistence between a man and a woman, where the benefits that both obtain go beyond the physical or material sphere.

These types of relationships are based on respect and work based on stability, however, they can work in different ways, such as:

  • Friendly relationship: support is sought, but above all fun.
  • No commitment: there is an affective relationship, but no future plans or total exclusivity have been established.
  • Informal relationship: the appointments are discontinuous in time.
  • Exclusive relationship: closed affective relationship, in which the affective component is very clear.
  • Open relationship: both parties have parallel relationships and there is no exclusivity.
  • Serious relationship: it is a relationship established within the terms of sugar dating, in which someone is sought with whom to share everything.

In Spain there are various sugar dating platforms that help any sugar daddy or sugar baby to find their ideal person. In this way, it is much easier to meet new people and establish stable relationships in which everyone wins.