Pro Tips for Composing a Recommendation Letter for Med School

Individuals wishing to enroll in a medical course of study require written recommendations (LoRs). When you’re requested to compose an LoR by students, they trust you to assess their personalities accurately. LoRs carry some weight in the decision made by the selection board; thus, it’s vital to know how to compose one. Let’s check out some nitty-gritty for composing a superb LoR. 

Who Should Compose an LoR for Med School? 

Since students need multiple LoRs, they should acquire them from different figures. Below are some key ones.


A physician who knows the aspirant personally is an apposite recommender, especially one who the aspirant has shadowed during pre-med. 

Science Lecturer

A pre-med science professor can provide insight into a student’s science capabilities. It’s up to students to build rapport with their professors, so it’s easier to ask for an LoR. 

Pre-Med Advising Committee 

Not all institutes have this committee, but those that do can write an LoR for a student applying for a medical course of study. 

The best LoRs come from people who know the student well and are willing to speak highly of their qualities and significant skills. 

Can an Applicant Craft Their Own LoR? 

Yes. Sometimes the persons you ask for an LoR are too busy to compose it, and they can ask you to do it yourself. It means you’ll have to craft the letter, and the recommender will approve and sign it.

How to Ask for an LoR

Requesting a recommendation requires a direct approach. First, meet the recommender and explain that you’re applying for a medical course of study and would appreciate an LoR from them. Then, explain why you chose them to recommend you. They’ll accept if they know you well and are willing to help.

After meeting the recommender, send them a formal request for the letter. Then, email it to each of the recommenders who have accepted your request. Remember to ask them early to give them ample time to compose a superb letter. 

What Should an LoR Encompass?

An excellent LoR should be as convincing as possible. The following info will help achieve that.

  • Name of the recommendee and any relevant info about them 
  • Date the recommendation is written 
  • An elucidation of how the recommender knows the aspirant 
  • The recommendee’s attainments with enough context to support them 
  • What recommender thinks the applicant can bring to the course of study
  • Credentials and distinctive qualities of the recommendee
  • Results of the aspirant’s prior work
  • Collaboration ties of the recommendee
  • Arguments in favor of the applicant’s program success

The Writing 

A service recommendation letter should be one page long (400-600 words). Like any letter, it should have an intro, a body section, and a closing segment. Because of the required detail, the recommender should schedule a meeting (s) with the recommendee to get more accurate info about them. 

Here is a basic structure of an LoR you can adopt. 


Any letter sent digitally requires a header at the top addressing it to the recipient and explaining its purpose. It should be composed in a polite tone.


Address the recommendation to the recipient if you know them. If not, a general greeting like “To whom it may concern” should suffice. 


Present yourself, describe your position and the individual you’re recommending. Then explain how you know the recommendee, how long you’ve taught or worked with them, and why you’re qualified to give the recommendation. 

Body Paragraphs 

Start the letter’s body by outlining the recommender’s connection to the candidate. Then, describe their performance in class and offer some examples to back up your judgment. There should be one or two paragraphs in this segment.

The subsequent paragraph should be about the recommendee’s attributes, building on the info provided in the previous one. Present more info about their abilities and what makes them the right entrant for the program. Feel free to use evidence to back your commendation, for example, grades and specific illustrations of their attributes at play. 


The recommendation should be closed nicely. Start by reaffirming your endorsement, and express your admiration for the recommendee. Then, confirm you’re available for any extra queries regarding the applicant. 

Final Take 

An LoR is a two-person job; the recommender writes, and the recommendee helps fill in gaps in information by opening the lines of communication. However, if you get asked to compose the LoR yourself, don’t fret; it is a chance to produce an astounding for yourself.