Private Tours You Can Take in Israel – Helicopter, Historical, & More

Israel offers an amazing combination of landscapes, cultures and religions that is hard to beat. Visit ancient Jerusalem or Masada to experience its vibrant past; or make time for an excursion to the Dead Sea – this country will not disappoint.

If you prefer an intimate tour experience, a private guided tour is an ideal way to discover Israel. Traveling in your own luxury vehicle with an expert licensed guide allows for customized exploration that meets all your needs and interests, but that’s only one of many tips I’ll give you in the following article.

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Experience Israel like never before on an exciting, guided tour with a private guide. Your trip will explore ancient sites, religious remnants and breathtaking beaches throughout this small country.

Choose from an array of tours in Israel, such as day trips to Masada and the Dead Sea or longer tours that explore more historical sites and ruins throughout the country. Plus, most packages come complete with hotel stays or even meals so that you make the most out of your visit to Israel.

Your trip can be tailored specifically to meet your needs and interests, allowing you to maximize the time you spend exploring the country. This option is also great if you prefer not taking public transport, or want to save money when touring its streets.

These tours are usually fully escorted by professional licensed tour guides to provide information, cultural insights and knowledge that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to come by on your own. Your guide will take you all over this stunning country in order to show you everything it has to offer in as short a timeframe as possible.


An Israel helicopter trip offers the ideal way to see its many landmarks from above and saves both time and effort while providing a convenient tour experience! With private helicopter tours in Israel, you are sure to be in safe and reliable hands with various options for everyone from all walks of life, of all ages. If it’s your first time, there’s no need to be nervous as they’ll go through the entire process with everyone.

No matter your interests – history, religion or simply seeing breathtaking sights – there is something here for everyone. A trip guide can make navigating this country simpler so you can enjoy every second of your vacation.

An essential experience when visiting Jerusalem, for instance, is taking an air tour of the city. Not only will this provide a unique view of its most beloved landmarks like the Old City and Israel Museum but it will also offer insight into life in Jerusalem!


Guided tours in the country provide an ideal way to familiarize you with both its people and land. By learning more about its historical, biblical, and modern aspects, guided trips open your eyes to see Israel from an entirely new viewpoint.

Israel offers many different guided tours, each providing unique experiences and attractions. Some trips focus more on history while others cater more toward religious sites. When choosing your tour type it is crucial that the guide has an intimate knowledge of the area so they can bring all of your itinerary’s stops alive for you.

A quality guided tour should provide an explanation of each site’s history and facts as well as insights into local culture and lifestyle. Most guided tours in Israel can be customized to meet specific traveler needs and interests, making them extremely popular with tourists.


These trips may provide an amazing blend of history, culture and religion that can be tailored specifically to suit your interests, budget and schedule – perfect for families or groups with differing needs and goals!

Tours can be organized with an experienced tour guide who is knowledgeable of the history and cultural significance of each destination. They can assist with navigating political and religious issues of the area as well as provide you with a greater insight into its past.

Some of the most sought-after tours combine sightseeing with learning about Jewish, Christian and Muslim history ( Such excursions typically include visits to tombs of Israeli kings; gardens where Jesus was betrayed; and mosques where Muhammad prayed.

There are also various other tour options available depending on your requirements and needs. Some trips cater specifically to specific groups, like sports enthusiasts or historians; other tours target independent travelers.