Baby’s Arrival

Prepare For Your Baby’s Arrival: A Hand-Picked Checklist For You.

Are you expecting a baby? Our heartiest congratulations to you! Even before its arrival, having a baby brings an abundance of happiness and joy to a parent’s heart. However, as delightful as it is, a parent must remember that having a baby does not come cheap. Childbirth alone costs between $5,000 to $15,000, depending on the type of delivery. Therefore, you would want to start saving up for your baby’s arrival right now.

Here is a list of things you will need to save for.

Baby stroller.

On top of our list is a baby stroller. You cannot skip a baby stroller; you will need it to walk your baby around, which you cannot functionally do in your arms. Besides being very uncomfortable and exhausting for the mother, it is not safe for the baby either. Therefore, a baby stroller is generally an expensive purchase but is it worth the money? Yes! The best baby stroller would be lightweight with an adjustable handlebar and automatic brake and lock system. You can find the best lightweight stroller in New Zealand at Maxi Cosi. Maxi Cosi is a famous brand that provides the safest and best quality baby gear.

 A baby car seat.

The second expensive purchase you will need to make is a baby car seat. As you will be travelling a lot, getting a convertible baby restraint or a baby capsule is ideal. Baby capsules are suitable for infants until they are eight months old, while convertible car seats are suitable for toddlers between 1-4 years old.

An electric breast pump.

If you are a breastfeeding mother, you will need a breast pump. There can be many reasons why you might end up needing one. For example, in several cases, mothers assume they will be breastfeeding; hence they won’t need a breast pump, but the baby could have difficulty latching onto the nipple. This can then cause distress for the baby and also cause severe breast pain for the mother as she is actively lactating. Therefore, you should already get an electric breast pump for your and your baby‘s comfort.

 Baby crib and cradle.

From birth till adulthood, your child will need a place to sleep. Parents usually get a bassinet for newborns, but an infant quickly outgrows a bassinet in under four months. If you’re on a budget, a bassinet is something you can skip. Instead, get an accommodating crib for your little one. 

A storing unit on Baby’s Arrival.

Although a tiny human being, a baby has many possessions. From bibs to onesies, newborn to one-year-old-sized clothes, baby necessities and supplies are impossible to adjust in your closet. You will need a separate dresser with several compartments for sufficient space. Here is the deal: do not go for cheaper particle board furniture. Instead, go for the most long-lasting and more robust dresser with solid wood.

Lastly, remember that although these are expensive items, you will not regret buying them. These items are usable for future use (if the right quality items are purchased).