One example of smart personal finance goals

Managing finances is an important skill for everyone. Keeping a budget is essential to understanding monthly income and spending. With this practice, you can learn to save money and have more finances to accomplish your goals. Many people keep notebooks where they manually keep track, but this approach is not entirely convenient. One of the best ways of savings your goals are smartphone apps. A prime example is PocketGuard. This program contains all the tools that help to realize your financial goals.

About the work of a financial accounting application

You can achieve financial well-being by controlling expenses and setting goals. The PocketGuard app uses a SMART structure. It measures income, allows you to find specific steps to achieve the result. It is easy to work with the program; your funds are always at your fingertips. The essence of the application is as follows:

  1. Define and name the goal. It should be clear and specific.
  2. The total amount. A clear indication of what figure you want to achieve.
  3. The program automatically calculates the necessary payment to achieve the result.
  4. Final date. You need to specify the time frame for achieving the goal.

Time limit is an important point in getting what you want. It motivates and concentrates, helps not to deviate from the planned points of the plan. Using the app, it’s convenient to track your progress. When you can see that your goal is getting closer and closer, it’s much easier to go all the way. The app notifies you when you need to make a contribution, stay on schedule, and more. It helps you keep on track.

After setting a monthly payment and a deadline date, the app’s algorithm begins tracking your financial status and spending. In case of deviations from the planned schedule, you will receive a notification.

Ч What are financial goals and how to determine themь?

Goals related to money, savings, or expenses are called financial goals. Concreteness is the main rule for achievement. A financial goal must be clearly expressed in numerical terms. It’s also important to limit the time to achieve it. Set a realistic timeline with clear dates. Fuzzy ideas about the end goal and the time to achieve it can lead to failure. The monthly contribution is calculated based on these two figures.

The amount to be saved each month should also be real and correspond to the budget. You can use a deposit, a card or any other option to accumulate the amount. The main rule is inviolability. This money should not be used before reaching the set amount. You should not try to reach the goal in 2 months, experiencing difficulties and inconveniences. Try to get a positive experience and pleasant emotions from this process. Motivate yourself to move forward using the power of small victories.

Large and long-term goals can be divided into subgoals. It is easier to achieve smaller points. In addition, by moving in small but frequent steps, you can achieve your goal more quickly. Setting a financial goal takes time. The more accurate and realistic is the desired result, the more chances that its implementation will be successful and smooth.


Budget planners in your cell phone are a convenient way to get your finances in order. Tracking expenses helps you assess how rational your spending is. With the help of the program, you can save money, set financial goals and achieve them. A clear plan and control of compliance allows you to be in tone, not to deviate from the planned course and to improve your financial condition. PocketGuard is a convenient planner with a set of necessary tools to achieve economic well-being.