No Deposit Bonuses 101

No Deposit Bonuses 101: A Guide on Maximizing Your Winnings at Online Casinos

With the gambling industry flooded with online casinos,Online Cricket Betting ID platforms are trying to attract as many players as possible. For that reason, welcome bonuses have become conventional ways of luring new customers to Online Cricket Betting IDUsually, the welcome package comes in the form of a no deposit bonus, free spins, cashback rewards, and matchup bonuses. However, many people tend to misuse such promotions, probably because they are new to online gambling.Cricket ID  Luckily, there are multiple ways anyone could leverage no deposit bonuses 101 at a casino and win big. But before reviewing strategies on how you can leverage a no deposit bonus to maximize your winnings at an online casino, let’s first break down how a no deposit bonus works. 

How No Deposit Bonuses 101 Work 

No deposit bonus is the most preferred promotion among gamblers since it doesn’t require them to deposit any wagering funds to claim it. All they need to do is complete the registration process, and the bonus is theirs. Note that some platforms may require you to use a promo code to access their no deposit bonus. 

That said, here are some great tips you can consider if you want to maximize your winning using a no deposit bonus.

1. Look for Larger Bonuses 

Usually, when an online casino gives you free bonuses, they limit how you can use them. For instance, they might not allow you to access jackpot games using a no deposit bonus. Most platforms cap the amount to be won with a no deposit bonus between $100 and $200. 

But not all no deposit bonuses are small; some will offer real money plus additional free spins. However, you could still win big if you compare different casinos out there and see which one has a more significant no deposit bonus or highest win limit. 

2. Find No Deposit Bonuses 101 With Lower Wagering Requirements

In most cases, online casinos don’t want to make the no deposit bonus easy for players. As a result, they impose substantial wagering requirements (also known as playthrough requirements) for players to be eligible to withdraw the bonus winnings. 

On average, the no deposit bonus comes with a wagering requirement of more than 40 times. It is even worse if it comes in the form of free spins since they usually require you to risk the bonus between 60 times to 100 times to be able to withdraw its winnings. 

In this scenario, try and compare different casinos out there to see which one has lower wagering requirements. A lower playthrough requirement keeps you from wagering lots of money to win and withdraw the bonus winnings. 

That means lower playthrough requirements will also minimize the chances of you having to lose the no deposit bonus while trying to meet the wagering requirements. 

3. Pick Games With the Highest RTP

When you choose a casino game with a higher RTP (return to player percentage), you have a better chance of winning huge sums of money at an online casino. 

No deposit bonuses with higher RTP work to boost your odds when playing using them as wagering funds. Games like European Roulette, Baccarat, and Blackjack usually come with a higher RTP compared to other games such as slots, scratch cards, and American roulette, which come with a relatively lower RTP. 

4. Consider Game Volatility

Although a game’s RTP can determine its results, it is not the only aspect that can affect your winnings. A game’s volatility plays an even bigger part in influencing your casino outcomes, especially on the shorter-term winnings. That means a more volatile game will make your winnings more unpredictable. 

Usually, slots are the most volatile among casino games today, probably the reason many casinos focus their bonuses on slot titles. 

However, if you find a casino offering no deposit bonuses on table games like roulette and baccarat, you can leverage them and win more money than when playing slots. This is because table games are among the less volatile online casino games in the industry. 

Here, you will enjoy more consistent results to improve your winning chances in a short period. The only problem, in this case, is that bonuses focused on table games come with a much higher wagering requirement compared to those on slots. 

5. Don’t Misuse or Abuse the Bonus

Casinos offer players bonuses as part of a marketing strategy to attract new customers. In this case, they do not like players who would misuse or abuse their promotion. The casinos want to have a fair chance of getting some of their bonus back. As a result, many casinos g]have created regulations around these bonuses. 

For instance, some casinos have a limited stake when you play with their bonus money. If you exceed the limit, the casino will subsequently lower your maximum stake immediately. 

Luckily, due to competition, some casinos don’t have a maximum limit requirement, so try and leverage their no deposit bonus.   

6. Develop a Specific Winning Strategy 

Since most no deposit bonuses 101 are focused on slot games, you have a chance of sticking to a specific style of play. Although developing a particular type of play doesn’t always guarantee you winnings, it allows you to know which slots to play in order to fit your gambling style. 

Low variance slots are the best in this scenario since they allow you to win frequently over time, although they generate small wins. 

Winding It Up

The best strategy to maximize your winnings at an online casino using their no deposit bonus is comparing different casinos out there. This way, you are able to evaluate features such as games’ RTP and volatility. 

This is very much possible since the gambling industry is filled with thousands of casinos competing with each other for gamblers’ attention by providing lucrative no deposit bonuses with huge payouts options. 

As stated above, some will even offer no deposit bonuses without a maximum betting restriction or a maximum cash out restriction.