Mozart Chocolates

I had the chance to taste Mozart chocolates one two separate occasions. I got to try MozartKugel when a woman visiting the family that I boarded with in Cambridge brought a bag as a hostess gift, and I came across the flat MozartTaler when a lab member got back from Austria. According to the Wikipedia article on the MozartKugel, I tried the knockoff version, which was still delicious.

The MozartKugel is shaped like a traditional? chocolate truffle, a little dome. The bottom layer of chocolate was winey and smooth. The white top was marzipan which was rather grainy, like a soft cookie. I usually don’t like marzipan, as it’s a little too sweet for my palate. This marzipan was also on the sweet side, but it paired well with the chocolate and pistachio that was snuck in there. Finally, the outer coating of chocolate was slightly greasy. Overall, a great mix of flavors and textures that warrants an OMG.

The medallion shaped MozartTaler was prettily decorated with Mozart’s face and inscribed with the chocolate’s name. The milk chocolate was smooth, creamy, and a bit too sweet, but I really enjoyed the marzipan inside. The pistachio nuttiness came through much more and was followed by a strong, nicely nutty almond finish. An OM for this guy.