Mama’s Goodies – Part I

Mama’s Goodies makes all-natural nut butter brittles inspired by Iranian recipes. I was fortunate enough to receive free samples of each of their five brittle flavors.

Today, we’ll cover sesame seed and pecan, and we’ll hit up the other three on Wednesday.

All of the brittles came sealed inside a shiny silver pouch, which was then inside paperboard pouch-boxes. I appreciated the inner pouches for keeping out excess moisture, but they were super hard to open and could’ve used little notches to help with tearing the bags open.

Sesame Seed Nut Crunch:

From the website: “Sesame seeds, revered in the Middle East for their flavor and health benefits, blended with pure honey, 100% maple syrup and real butter into a crunch [sic], culinary creation.

This was a sweet, crunchy, and uber-buttery brittle that’s jam-packed with sesame seeds. The brittle is quite thin, just enough to encapsulate all the sesame seeds, so it snaps easily. It’s so buttery/greasy that it leaves a glossy sheen on everything that it touches. The seeds add a bitter finish that’s just a little bit too much bite for me. An O.

Pecan Nut Crunch

According to their website, this one’s rich buttery pecan nuts, plus the same spiel with the honey, syrup, butter, and typo.

The pecan brittle was significantly thicker than the sesame seed, giving it a more satisfying crunch. It crunches and cleaves like toffee on the first bite. Then, as you continue eating it, it turns into an almost caramel-like chew in the mouth. A scrumptious, super-buttery decadent caramel!

The pecans are good quality. They’re chopped into little bits, so they provide an initial burst of pecan flavor before the brittle/caramel takes over.

It’s delicious, though I would’ve preferred whole pecans. And it’s even greasier to the touch than its sesame seed counterpart. Still, that’s some super tasty-amazing-delicious caramel. An OM.