Looking After Your Couch: Discover The Average Cost To Repair A Tear In A Couch

Accidents happen. It’s unfortunate as most people would prefer they didn’t, but that is why they are called accidents. The good news is that, when it comes to furniture, accidents don’t have to spell the end of its life. For example, regardless of whether you have a leather or material couch, they can be torn, but they can also be repaired.

The Importance Of Cleaning

Before we look at the cost of repairing a tear in your couch it’s important to think about maintenance. Keeping your couch clean will help to strengthen the material and reduce the likelihood of a tear. When you don’t clean your couch regularly debris builds up and causes stains. It also places pressure on the fibres. This stretches the fibres, making them easier to tear.

Fortunately, keeping your couch clean is easy. Regardless of whether it is leather or material, you can brush it, then vacuum it, and finish by wiping it over with soap and water. It is advisable to get an upholstery cleaning product to facilitate this process. However, if you use any products always test them on a small, inconspicuous area first. 

Alongside your weekly cleans, it’s a good idea to get the professionals to perform an in-depth leather sofa cleaning at least once a year. You can even have this done every few months.

Regular cleaning does make a difference to the lifespan of your couch. The cost of regular cleaning is minimal compared to fixing a tear or replacing the sofa. 

Average Cost To Fix A Tear

The exact cost to fix a tear will depend on the couch material, the size of the tear, and where it is. For instance, it is more difficult to repair a tear on the side of the couch than it is to do one on the arm.

If you’re looking for a guide price then you should be able to have the repair completed for between $100 and $200. That’s a charge of approximately $30 per hour for labour, plus the material. 

It can take several hours to fix a tear properly. The more obvious the tear the more important it is to have a professional handle it, you’ll want it to be invisible when the repair is completed. 

Alternative Options

In some cases, you may find it preferable to replace parts of the couch. For instance, if the tear is on a seat cushion then it may be possible to remove the cover and replace it. You’ll need to speak to the manufacturer to get a matching cushion cover and you may need a professional to take it off and fit the new one. 

This will ensure there is no sign of the tear. However, the fabric on your couch may have faded over time, meaning the new cushion cover looks different. The only way to avoid this is to reupholster the entire couch. It’s a more expensive option but cheaper than replacing the couch, and worth considering.