Look – Baskin Robbins Collaboration

I received two packages of Look chocolates as free samples from Tsunami.?an online purveyor of Asian goods, including candies. Today I’ll review the Baskin Robbins Collaboration, and Wednesday I’ll review the Parfait a la Mode.

The Look chocolates came as 12 little filled rectangles, three each of four flavors. In the Baskin Robbins Collaboration, the flavors were Strawberry Cheesecake, Jamoca (sic) Coffee, Orange Sherbet, and Vanilla.

Strawberry Cheesecake had a grainy thin chocolate shell with a pink filling. It tasted sweet and brightly, artificially fruity, with a slightly seedy bite.

Jamoca Coffee had a grainy lighter brown inside. It had barely any coffee flavor, just a light, chocolate sweetness.

Orange Sherbet’s filling was grainy and the color of a creamsicle. It had a bright, artificial citrus fruitiness that didn’t blend with the chocolate in a harmonious way.

For some reason, Vanilla’s center was solid (the others had a grainy paste). It smelled weirdly of fake coffee and didn’t have any flavor of its own that I could discern – this one just tasted of the chocolate outside.

While the idea of the Look chocolates was interesting, the execution was underwhelming with meh chocolates and fillings. An O.