Lammes Habanero Praline

As Rodzilla reminded me via the ZOMG, Candy! Facebook page, I owe y’all a review of this Lammes Candies Habanero Praline.

Lammes Candies is a hometown favorite of mine. Their Texas Chewie Pecan Pralines are my go-to “Thanks for dropping me off/picking me up at the airport” gift whenever I go home, as they’re delicious and nicely regionally specific.

I picked up the Habanero Pralines because I have trouble resisting intriguing-sounding candy. The checkout girls warned me that they packed a spicy punch, and whoo boy did it deliver!

The praline smells rather acrid upon unwrapping. There’s definitely some real habanero pepper in there!

It first tastes nicely nutty from the pecans and has a caramel-tinged sweetness. A second or two later, the wallop of the pepper comes through as a painfully fiery tingle.

The spicy burn builds and stings. This sweet and spicy treat certainly packs a kick. It’s too much for my weak heat tolerance, but those with adventurous palates would enjoy it.

An O from me. I wish I could handle the spiciness better because the nutty sweetness is delicious. I guess I’ll just have to content myself with regular pralines.