Kabaya Nameraka Pudding Chocolate

I recently got a generous shipment of free samples from Tsunami, a Hong Kong company that ships Japanese and Asian goods to the US. They’ve got an impressive and ever-changing selection of Japanese food and drink, including lots of candy!

I don’t read Japanese. Fortunately, Tsunami translated the product name for me: Kabaya Nameraka Pudding Chocolate.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get translations for all the text on the box, so I can only guess at what the chocolate cross section is labeling. I believe it’s something along the line of chocolate cap, custard pudding filling, and custard-flavored shell?

Each pudding chocolate was individually wrapped. The chocolates themselves are cutely flower shaped. They look like tiny flans.

They taste like flan too. They’re sweet, creamy, and custardy with a chocolate finish. There was no discernible visible difference between the center and the white chocolate outer shell, but its texture was different – a little lighter and mousse-like.

I found it tasty and cute and quite unique in both flavor and shape. An OM.