Becoming a Dominant Force

Is the Premier League Becoming a Dominant Force in European Football?

Kevin de Bruyne free kick (Otamendi goal” (CC BY 2.0) by five til noon

The Premier League has always been considered one of the best football leagues in the world. However, the league hasn’t really dominated properly around Europe, but could that be about to change.

We have seen big changes around Europe, Cristiano Ronaldo has left Juventus, Barcelona have hit money troubles and had to let Lionel Messi leave to play for PSG, while German football continues to struggle financially compared to other big European nations.

That has all left the Premier League slightly ahead, as the Premier League has managed to maintain itself, if not improve a little, at the same time as others have gone backwards. Does this spell the start of a new dominant period for the league, and will that be backed up by European success for the clubs who are playing in the three competitions currently taking place?

The Champions League is the top tier of European football, with four English clubs involved. Then we have the Europa League with two clubs and finally the Europa Conference League with one club. Each one of these competitions currently has an English club as the favorite to win it. As of November 5, the latest football betting has Manchester City 7/2 favorites for Champions League glory, a year after Chelsea won the competition. West Ham are currently the 10/1 favorites to win the Europa League and Tottenham are 6/1 favorites to win the Europa Conference League.

Are Trophies Needed to Prove the Premier League is the Best?

Although the European competitions are designed to show which nation is the best, winning is not the definitive way to prove a league is better than others. Last season, three of the four finalists from the Champions League and Europa League were English. Only one competition was won by English, when Chelsea lifted the Champions League trophy after beating Manchester City, but in terms of being involved at the end, the Premier League dominated.

Trophies would be the confirmation of the Premier League being the best. With three up for grabs this season, and favorites across them all, it would be disappointing if English football didn’t finish with at least one trophy, to show off the fact that the league has kept its quality, and probably managed to improve a little at a time when others were falling behind.

Fans of the teams involved will of course be looking for trophies, especially the Champions League, where four of the six favorites to win the trophy are from England, with only PSG of France and Bayern Munich of Germany being involved from elsewhere.

However the trophies are given out, given the quality currently in the Premier League, it is hard to look at the league and say that it isn’t the best. Add trophies into the equation, and with success on the European stage, it could well be time to start calling the Premier League a dominant force in European football.

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