Is Destiny 2 Worth Playing In 2022?

When a title was published some time ago, it is logical to think whether it is worth playing or not. Some games have a few months’ shelf life as players desert them, and developers are not interested in upgrading or providing patches. Destiny 2 does not fall into this category; it is worth playing the game. This free for all, fascinating sci-fi first-person shooting game is a legacy carried from its first launch in 2017. There is a significant add-on to make the gameplay more immersive. In a nutshell, Destiny2, 2022, is impressive but with few conditions.

New Light

If you try Destiny 2 for the first time, it may appear a bit intricate. But to make it seamless, Bungie introduced a new phase called “New Light” tasks that acts as a tutorial for new gamers. The Quest covers basic features of Destiny such as combat skill, loot, game modes and personality. The new light quest gives the real feel of the game, but primarily focusing on Hive means leaving you dark about other groups like Vex and Fallen. There is another significant adjustment in this recent version, by lessening the sum by which the power level cap enhances with each session. Earlier it was fifty points, now changed to ten points. It makes the path of progress easy to the apex from the initial 1,100 power-level points.

New timeline

A timeline has been introduced in the game`s interface that permits you to return to occurrences in prior expansions and sessions to get acquainted with the storyline and character aspects. This tool is helpful for new players who want o learn about the storyline. Another appealing factor in the new version is a state of the art weapons, so new players are not lagging behind experienced ones. The new assortment of weapons and gear appears every week for new players to grab it. Every weapon in Destiny 2 feels and acts differently, with unique specifications. You may be overwhelmed by the spectrum of the arsenal; take a breath and enjoy it. More the gameplay is simple; you would not experience any glitches.

Three classes 

The latest version is much-improved PvP modes and with three classes; Warlock, Titan and Hunter. Titans are savage, always engaged in combat; their fighting skills and strength are amazing; they always brush off the wounds and are ready to fight. Their shields are powerful, protecting the teammates from lethal attacks of foes.


Warlocks provide logistics to fellow warriors with healing powers. Their inherent rudimentary power heals the worst injury; they are mystics on the battlefield and have the ability to level the playing arena.


Hunters, outlaws, scouts and deadly assassins form the third group. Hunters have exceeding agility and misdirection, paving their way through the war zone and leaving a bunch of corpses; their capability of attack and strength of the defense is noteworthy.

Most rewarding game

The community of gamers of Destiny 2 is huge may be of million players, and most players agree it is perhaps the most rewarding game they have played. To start, the game is a bit confusing because there is a constant shift from pay mode to free for all. Destiny 2 since2019 is free to play, and in the new light version, you can create your own avatar, participate in certain missions and complete assignments without spending a dime. Destiny 2 cheats for AMD is essential to modernize your weapons and armour. It gives you an edge in death matches. It is the trailer of the new expansion named Lightfall, expected to be released 2023 February 23rd.


The original storyline “The Red War”, along with three major expansions, Forsaken, Warmind and Curse of Osiris, has been vaulted, implying you cannot access the content until Bungie reintroduce it. As of now, there is no plan to reintroduce them, but gamers expect a change of mind from the developers. Hearing the plea, Bungie decided not to vault in expansions in the Destiny 2 Showcase 2022.

Optimized effects

The fighting style in Destiny 2 is outstanding, gunfights are smooth, and hand-to-hand combat is realistic, but the static strategy does not hold good in this title. The dynamics of the game’s movement, along with good combat-style logistic, is also appreciable. To explore the whole terrain, you need to travel around for hours on a bike or tank. The graphic effects of Destiny 2 are immersive; the locations are detailed and extensive. All effects are optimized; happenings on the screen can be clearly watched without being blared by bright flashes.  

Gear and ammunition

The level of the chosen character does not depend on the same parameters as other games you played. The gear the character is wearing is the determining factor. The cheats and hacks make the character invincible. The aimbot looks less robotic but pierces the target without missing an inch. The ESP provides all the relevant information about the ecosystem and enemies so you can plan movement accordingly. It provides additional data about health status and can be customized to the periphery of the active field.