Android Phone from an iPhone

How to Track an Android Phone from an iPhone?

Tracking Android phone from iPhone may seem challenging, but there are a few methods that make it possible. Whether you want to keep tabs on your child’s location, find a lost Android phone, or monitor a device for other reasons, tools and techniques exist to locate Android devices from an iPhone.

Meet mSpy – App to Track Android Phone from iPhone

One of the most popular and effective solutions for tracking Android phone from iPhone is using the mSpy wifi spy app for Android and iOs. mSpy is a leading parental control and employee monitoring software that works across platforms – it allows iOS device owners to easily view location history, app usage, texts, calls and more from Android smartphones or tablets.

Some key mSpy features that not only allow you to find Android phone from iPhone include:

  • Live GPS tracking – view the real-time location of the Android device from the iPhone control panel
  • Location history – look back at places the phone has been over days, weeks, or months
  • Text message monitoring – read contents of SMS messages sent and received from the Android phone
  • Ambient listening – use the Android mic to discreetly listen to the surroundings
  • Screenshot capture – remote camera snaps images of device use
  • Works in the hidden mode without app icon visibility on Android

mSpy provides an effortless way for tracking Android phone from iPhone. It can be installed in minutes without physical access to the device.

Why Do You Need to Find Android Phone from iPhone?

There are a variety of reasons that someone may want to track Android phone from iPhone:

  • Parents wanting to monitor children’s location, apps used, or texts sent for safety reasons
  • To find a lost or stolen Android phone by using GPS phone finder capabilities
  • Employers checking activity on company-owned devices used by employees
  • Peace of mind by keeping tabs on an elderly relative’s device location and use
  • Suspicious partners covertly keeping an eye on the usage of their significant other’s phone

Knowing how to view, track, and control Android devices with an iPhone offers convenience, security, and confidence in many situations.

Free Methods for Tracking Android Phone from iPhone

Before considering paid monitoring app to track Android phone from iPhone, some free options to find Android devices from iPhone include:

  • Google Find My Device – If the Android phone was synced with a Google account, the user can log in online and locate the device. Shows the last known location, and the option to ring the phone loudly, even on silent. Limited capabilities compared to a full monitoring app.
  • Apple Find My Friends app – If an Android user has chosen to share a location with an iPhone owner via the Apple Find My Friends app, real-time whereabouts will appear in the iPhone track Android phone app. Users must willingly enable location sharing.
  • Google Maps Timeline – If Google Maps is installed and location history is enabled on an Android device, the associated Google account can view daily movements and places the phone has been via the iPhone browser. Needs setup beforehand with visibility permissions.
  • Android Device Manager – Google’s tracking service shows the last seen location of phone, the option to remotely erase data if the device is lost/stolen. More basic than mSpy app to track Android phone from iPhone.
  • Carrier Family Locator Apps – Some carrier apps like AT&T FamilyMap, T-Mobile FamilyWhere, and Verizon Family Locator can locate Android phones via iPhone when devices use the same cell provider. Limited capabilities.

These free ways to view Android phone location and information from an iPhone give basic tracking capabilities but generally less comprehensive than a full app to track Android phone from iPhone solution like mSpy which is specifically designed for remote Android phone control from an iPhone.


Whether your aim is protecting children online, recovering lost mobiles, or employee monitoring, there are solid options for tracking Android phone from iPhone. While free tools have basic capabilities to access location data remotely, paid solutions like mSpy offer deeper visibility and control with extensive monitoring features plus excellent customer support. Consider how in-depth you need to monitor the Android device when choosing the best tracking method from your iPhone. With the right approach, you can gain insight into a target device use, no matter which platform or device type you use.