How to Quiet a Noisy Air Conditioner

Are you sitting down to watch or read, but the noise from your window air conditioner Distracts your entertainment? No worries. Here are a few solutions that will quieten It down without replacing it completely.

Sound blankets are ideal for insulating compressors and reducing noise without impacting performance or efficiency. In addition, strategically-placed vegetation or wood fencing may serve as noise barriers to help limit noise pollution.

Ensure your air conditioning system performs at its best by scheduling an appointment for professional air conditioning repair services. 

1. Replace the Compressor

Alternatively, a replacement is likely necessary if your air conditioner’s noisy operation can be traced back to a malfunctioning compressor. As this task requires disassembling and installing new units separately from one another, we suggest leaving this task in professional hands.

Loud noises can create many issues in your home and even damage your hearing. Anything above 80 decibels (dB), such as conversations and vacuum cleaners that make 70 decibels of sound (which will reach your hearing through headphones), could damage it permanently. Louder than this noise level may even disrupt sleep patterns.

Your HVAC technician can install a compressor blanket to help reduce noise from your AC’s compressor. This can lower noise while still allowing your air conditioner to function effectively. Alternatively, planting small shrubs near it may help block sound entering your house – just be sure any such shrubs don’t block its ventilation!

2. Change the Thermostat

Air conditioner noises can interfere with your ability to enjoy daytime peace and serenity and get a restful night’s rest. They may wake you up during light stages of sleep, which is necessary for good health and well-being, and prevent entering REM state sleep which is vitally important to its effectiveness.

You can quiet the AC with just a few simple HVAC maintenance tasks. Ensure the fan blades are aligned, and the motor hasn’t become clogged; loose edges may need tightening.

Before the summer hits, it’s crucial that an HVAC specialist thoroughly check your air conditioning unit. An expert can examine and address any issues, making your air conditioner quieter in return. 

Expanding ductwork may reduce static pressure levels contributing to AC noise issues; additionally, they may install bypass ducts that relieve system pressure while decreasing noise emissions.

3. Clean the Fan

Your air conditioner’s fan produces noise. Depending on its age and location, this noise could come from multiple locations within its system.

One of the leading causes of AC noise is simply dust, dirt and debris accumulating inside. To address this problem easily, simply remove two screws from the top cover and lift off it to clear out anything that shouldn’t be there and decrease sound levels from your unit.

4. Install a Sound Blanket

If your noisy air conditioner is bothering you and your neighbors, various strategies are available to mitigate its noise levels. These options include purchasing a newer unit, moving it away from bedrooms, or using sound blankets – sound blankets are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of decreasing noise pollution.

These blankets encase the compressor to help dampen sound levels without altering its operation or increasing power usage. To install a compressor sound blanket, remove all outer panels of your air conditioning unit before using a head screwdriver to release shipping screws at the corners and sides of the team.

Grab one corner of the blanket and gently pull it to unfurl. Repeat this step on all corners. When all corners have been opened, wrap the blanket around the compressor body, ensuring its seams line up by aligning top-to-bottom and attaching Velcro strips.