How to choose good quality caviar?

Caviar has always been a symbol of luxury, where in the past it was seen as a dish of royalty and only those with high purchasing power could try this type of food.

The flavor and combination that caviar can have are really unmistakable. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to be able to choose caviar that is perfect for the dish you are looking for in kitchens.

Characteristics of a quality caviar

As it is a product with a high purchase price, it is necessary to choose caviar that has a consistent texture and that flavor will surprise everyone who wants to taste the food prepared with these eggs.

There are different types of caviar . There are different fish, sizes, colors, and details that show when caviar is of good or bad quality.

One factor that should always be taken into account is the brand of caviar. A great reference in this market is the Caviar Longino.

The Longino and Cardenal brands offer only the highest quality products. Approved by top chefs and used by Michelin-starred restaurants.

Another factor that must be analyzed is that the eggs must be firm, if they are cracked there is definitely something wrong.

There is a small dark spot in the caviar. This indicates that it is an original product. If not, you’re definitely tasting fake caviar.

The aroma of caviar is neutral, not acidic. When tasting, it bursts and quickly begins to dissolve in the mouth. If you notice that there is a noise in the capsule, it is a fake product.

For those who really want to enjoy very high-quality caviar, you need to taste what are considered to be the two best caviar in the world, soul caviar, and beluga caviar.

These are products that are extracted from sturgeon fish that live for over a hundred years. It is a rare species that manages to produce the best caviar in the world. 

You need to know what flavor you would like to add to the dish you want to combine with caviar or if you are going to taste it neat.

This makes a difference as there are a lot of differences in the flavors of caviar. As the that are authentic and of high quality, it is necessary to research what the flavor is before investing in the product.

Choose the right brand of caviar

Choosing caviar from the Longino & Cardinal brand is a guarantee that you will be tasting authentic caviar with a strict production process and quality.

Its products are exported all over the world and it has more than 70 high-class partners who use the brand in the preparation of luxurious and high-standard dishes.