Coco Moka – Candy Heaven in Houston International Airport, Terminal E

I’ve made it safely back to Austin from New Haven. The Game on Saturday was supposed to be incredible (both Harvard and Yale going into it undefeated in the League, but only Yale going into it undefeated, period), and we were supposed to win! Instead, it was an atrocious blowout that was painful to watch. But the band always wins! and I still had a ton of fun. Check out the awesomeness of Bessie, the uberprop we made! She’s a Salovey-a-saurus, and her jaw moves up and down!

She took about a bazillion manhours to build, and she’s part of why I don’t have a proper candy review for y’all this morning (I didn’t really get to sleep last week). Instead, I shall share a newly discovered candy resource with you: Coco Moka.

It’s located in terminal E of Houston International Airport (where I had a short layover), and it is incredible! It’s got tons and tons of wonderful chocolates – Dagoba, Michael Cluizel, Lindt, Ritter, Ghirardelli, Kinder, See’s, local Texas brands, and more. There’s a lot of really nice chocolate that looked sooooo good but was, of course, pretty pricey. I bought a few international bars that were actually very reasonably priced ($1.50 a bar; Economy Candy charged $1.25). I have another layover in Houston on my way back to school, so the plan is to research some of those nice chocolates and decide what to splurge on on my way home. The only kink in that plan is that I’ll be at that airport at 8 AM. I hope Coco Moka is still open then! Those Michael Cluizel mushrooms were calling my name, even if they were rather expensive.