Hot Pocket Air Fryer Guide to Make at Home

Hot Pocket Air Fryer Guide to Make at Home

‘s howThe hot pocket air fryer recipe idea will help you make healthier versions of the original dish we get at the food chain store. If you haven’t tried these yet, you will find all about them in this blog!

Hot pockets are an American brand that is famous for its frozen sandwiches that have been satisfying hunger pangs. The best part of these hot pockets is that you can have them any time of the day; lunch, dinner, breakfast, or even for your snack cravings.

It originated in 1983 with its unique combination of great filling and crispy crust microwave edition. The variety has introduced pizzeria products, side shoots, and stuffed sandwiches.

Some have zero trans-fat, including seven essential minerals and vitamins, with cheese filling.

In today’s fast-moving world, the time to prepare meals every day is quite a challenge, and coming up with new recipes isn’t possible. Hence these hot pockets are a great hit. These hot pockets are a fantastic choice for a quick meal or a snack.

With the evolution of technology, air fryers came into the picture. Air fryers are a must-buy for every household to make food healthy and tasty. You don’t have to fry your food but enjoy the crispiness.

Adding to that idea, the hot pocket air fryer edition was a great success. Air fryers have become popular lately and a need for almost everyone. Fried food is always tastier compared to non-fried one. An air fryer can cook almost everything with less or no oil. From chicken wings to roasted veggies and your favorite french fries, you can make almost any fried alternative in these.

Nutrition value of hot pocket air fryer

One hot pocket air fryer has 33 carbs and a protein of 14 grams total of 310 calories. This nutritional value depends on the taste and flavor you choose. The 310 calories are for cheddar and hot steak pockets. Below are a few flavors available, along with the calories:

  • Pepperoni Pizza with Crispy Crust – 320 calories
  • Four Cheese with a crust of Garlic Butter Crust – 280 calories
  • Four types of meat along with four kinds of cheese – 300 calories
  • Five Cheese with a crispy crust – 290 calories
  • Cheddar and ham – 280 calories
  • Bacon, Cheese, and egg with croissant crust – 290 calories
  • Sausage, Cheese, and egg with croissant crust – 280 calories
  • Ham and Cheese and egg with biscuit crust – 270 calories

Many Flavors of Hot Pockets are introduced and stopped as per consumer demand.

In Canada, an alternative to hot pockets is introduced with the name Pillsbury Pop of Pizza. Another air fryer option was from McCain pockets of Pizza.

As per food service reports and studies, hot pockets are one of the top handheld food brands in vending and service. The consumers are happy with this product which has become everyone’s favorite go-to snack.

One of the best sellers of these hot pockets is the buffalo chicken hot pockets.

It would be best if you tried the buffalo chicken hot pockets, as these are delicious.

It is made of white meat and chicken with cheddar cheese, but the fiery sauce makes it tastier with a crispy pizza crust.

Pizza stix is also one of their best-selling products because of its shape and yummy filling. This pizza stix was made with pepperoni pizza topping with real Cheese. The crust has zesty tomato ketchup, which makes it everyone’s favorite. It would be best if you tried this Pizza stix without question.

Importance of hot pocket air fryer

One of the assurances that hot pockets claim is that these products do not contain any artificial flavors with real cheese and quality meat.

Below are a few of the reasons that make these hot pockets crazy selling:

1. Quick to make

Hot pocket air fryers are one of the easiest and quick meals that can be made in just 15 minutes. You can make it whenever you want. You need to put it in the air fryer, and it’s done.

So, this is a quick fix for a busy dull day! Make up your mood by treating yourself. This quick snack can lighten up your mood.

2. Kid’s Favourite

If you have kids and are unsure how to feed them something healthy and tasty, these hot pockets come to your rescue. Kids want variation as we do. Having a busy day and then breaking your head thinking about what to cook? Don’t stress yourself. Add some of these yummy hot pockets into the air fryer and enjoy it with your loved ones.

3. Easy to make

Anybody can do it! Even if you are someone who doesn’t know cooking, you can still allow yourself to enjoy this yummy meal by yourself. The easy preparation makes it suitable for everyone. Even kids can make it.

4. Cost-effective

A hot pocket air fryer is inexpensive and doesn’t hurt your real pockets! Its cost-effectiveness makes it part of everyone’s grocery list. It costs you much cheaper than eating out for a snack.

5. Yummy

Hot Pockets air fryer are not only cheap, but they are delicious. Eating at home daily can be boring, but these hot pockets can be a real treat to your taste buds.

How long to cook hot pocket in air fryer

Hrere long to cook hot pocket in air fryer because there can be times when you’re in a hurry and want to make a quick snack.

Also, what temperature should you set your air fryer to for making these in an air fryer? Let’s discuss its cooking and prep time.

If you take it out straight from your freezer, it’ll take 18 minutes with a temperature set at 375F. Once the cooking time is halfway through, flip them, you can make these using the top section of your air fryer.

Preheat the air fryer for at least 5 minutes, and you can cook it for the rest 15 minutes. The preheat helps to cook the hot pockets better.

On their official website, hot pockets advise their consumers to make the food reach a minimum temperature; of 165F. But the easier way to do that is using a meat thermometer which ensures that your meal is cooked correctly. Add a minute or two for your food to cook properly.

It also depends on the varieties and flavors you choose to cook. Some may need more cooking time, and others may take less time. The bacon and big pockets may take a little longer to cook than the cheese ones.

Also, do remember to let it cool before eating. You may burn yourself with the hot melted cheese.

The microwave ones take only a couple of minutes to cook, depending on your flavor and oven.

It’ll take 3 minutes to cook your hot pocket if you have bought the microwave version. Open the wrapper and put it on the crisper plate before cooking it in the oven.

Leftover ones can be kept in the refrigerator for four days. However, the fresh ones taste better than the kept ones.

Hot Pocket Air Fryer Guide to Make at Home
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Steps to cook hot pocket in the air fryer

Hot Pocket air fryer are the easiest to make. All you have to do is unwrap the hot pockets and put them in.

Sometimes the hot pockets might ooze out because it’s not adequately sealed from the factory. Don’t worry. It’s still going to taste the same.

If you have leftovers in the fridge, you can still have them reheated for another 3 minutes.

Using the air fryer’s top rack for cooking the hot pockets is ideal because it doesn’t need much frying.

These ultra-processed hot pockets can be eaten at any interval and for any meal. There are made in such a way that makes them hyper-palatable.

Hot pockets come in various options that make you reach out for them: plain cheese or bacon.

Once you are familiar with the taste and preparation, there’s no going back.

Imagine eating out at a café or restaurant will cost you more than heating the hot pockets at home. You don’t have to go all fancy for a game night with your friends or family. Just heat the air fryer and place the hot pockets with dips. It can make a perfect meal that is safe and economical.

Below are the steps to make your hot pocket at home:

  • Unwrap the hot pocket from the freezer
  • Empty the air fryer tray and pre-heat it for 5 mins at 375F
  • Place them on the top tray and cook them for 7 mins
  • Now flip them and cook for another 7 mins
  • Let it cool, and get your dips ready
  • And it’s done!

How to make hot pockets an extravaganza meal

To serve your hot pockets tempting and crispy, you shouldn’t stack them. You don’t want your guests to get disappointed. Serve it hot and crispy.

It is okay to have solo hot pockets, but in case you want to make it look extraordinary for your loved one, how do that?

Well, a few options can be paired with your hot pocket, which goes fantastic together.

Let’s see what the options that can make your serving look grand are:


The choice of dips has an essential role to play. You can make them yourself or buy them from the market. Salsa, guacamole, or pesto can be anything of your choice, but it creates an element to your dish.

Roasted veggies

After choosing dips, have some roasted veggies as a side. These go amazing with the hot pockets and dips. Though hot pockets are your main dish, keeping some fiber as a side is a fantastic combo.

Chicken wings

If you are someone who loves a portion of protein in their meals, chicken wings can be a great option. They are easy to make and can be done in your air fryer. Just marinate them and put them in the air fryer before you eat.


Soda goes well at a party; you can also choose lemonade as per your choice. But serving your hot pockets with a good palate will make it look extravaganza.


Lastly, you can sum up the meal with a cupcake or fresh fruits with cream and serve them as a dessert.

Ever imagined organizing a party all by yourself in just 30 mins?

Is air fryer hot pocket healthy?

As we have discussed how hot pockets are easy to make, and they also serve a variety of options. Apart from having it for lunch or dinner, these can also be taken for breakfast.

There are options with different crusts like biscuits, pancakes, croissants, and plain pizza crusts. The hot pockets have excellent filling with sausage, bacon, and many breakfast options.

But the one thing you need to understand is that these are highly processed. Anything that is highly processed is not suitable for an everyday option. You don’t go out to eat every day, or you don’t need a treat every day.

Hot pockets air fryer is hands down the best option, as you don’t have to put any oil on it. Frying them is way unhealthier and doubles the calorie intake. Whereas the air fryer ones are crispy and give you a nice texture without frying it.

Hot Pocket Air Fryer Guide to Make at Home

Final thoughts

There are no options for hot pockets, which are gluten-free, keto-friendly, or low-carb. Hence if you are on a strict diet, these can be part of your cheat meals.

These hot pockets can be a part of your grocery list to be there when you don’t feel like cooking. There will be days when you can’t wake up to prepare your meals and run short of time.

These are little treats that can be part of your meals once in a while. Every day isn’t a Sunday. Enjoy your crispy hot pockets whenever you want to; don’t make it an everyday habit.