Getting through pregnancy sober: Top tips

Falling pregnant is the happiest moment of many peoples lives, eventually taken over by the point of giving birth. However, it can also be incredibly difficult. There’s so much to think about, particularly when it comes to ensuring you’re growing a happy and healthy baby inside.


It goes without saying that once falling pregnant, it’s time to give up the likes of smoking, alcohol, and any drugs that you may have been taking. But often that can prove much more difficult than it sounds, particularly these days when one in seven deaths worldwide can be attributed to alcohol in those aged 20 to 39.


So, if you’re pregnant or thinking about pregancy and believe you may struggle with going sober, here are five top tips to get you through it…

Open Communication with Healthcare Professionals

Firstly, if you are struggling, it’s important to be honest about it. Reach out to healthcare professionals and they’ll guide you in getting appropriate private drug treatment, whether that be alcohol or any other substance. 


For your own health and your baby’s it can be vitally important to take this step, but don’t do it alone, do it with the support of friends, family and professionals to make it that little bit easier for you.

Explore Non-Alcoholic Alternatives

There’s a burgeoning non-alcoholic scene at the moment across the country, ideal for expectant mothers. Yes, being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to stop seeing friends or going to the pub, you can do so but simply change your drinking habits. Whether you’re fancying a non-alcoholic beer or want to enjoy a fancy mocktail, go for it. You can still enjoy all the drinks you love these days, just without the booze in it.

Build a Supportive Network

It can be difficult giving up alcohol especially, and professional help may be required, but at the same time it’s important to build up a support network, not just for getting you through those nine months sober, but also for all the other stresses and struggles that come with pregnancy.


Joining antenatal classes or online forums can be good for this, while simply having friends and family to check in with can all prove to be hugely valuable.

Cultivate Self-Care Practices

Alongside support, look after yourself too. Develop self-care practices that can aid with remaining sober. That could be relaxing exercises such as walking, prenatal yoga or meditation, while you may enjoy a pamper session too. 


Regular exercise will help with this, and is an important way to not only look after your physical health, but your mental health too.

Celebrate Milestones in Alternative Ways

Finally, there will be a lot to celebrate during your nine months of pregnancy. There will be milestones around it for starters, such as scans, gender reveals and the like, while you’ve also got the more typical things like birthdays, job promotions and so on. Where you might often be used to clinking a glass, consider alternatives. We’ve mentioned non-alcoholic drinks already, but it may be that you celebrate in completely different ways like trips to the cinema, picnics in the park, weekends away or anything else. Just something you enjoy that offers a treat and helps you stay away from any potentially damaging vices.